Study a language at UEA Study a language at UEA

Language skills can no longer be regarded as an optional extra to a well-equipped society. Rather, they are a key indicator of how willing and prepared we are to operate in an increasingly multilingual and multicultural world.

"Today we are global citizens, competing for jobs with people from all over the world, many of whom speak more than one language. 72% of UK businesses value foreign language skills among their employees. It is the No. 2 skill behind IT". British Council (Languages for the Future)

Skills you will gain:

  • Speaking and communicating confidently.
  • Improve your understanding of other cultures and people
  • Challenge yourself and gain confidence
  • Ability to improvise and adapt to new situations
  • Global mind-set and cultural intelligence
  • Team work and problem solving


University Language Programme

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Love Languages Day Love Languages Day

Sat 19 May | 10am-4pm | The Forum, Norwich

In order to celebrate the immense cultural diversity that is found in Norwich, and following on from the hugely successful Norwich, City of Interculture events, this year the School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies at UEA are presenting Love Languages Day.

Love Languages Day brings fresh ideas and fun to language learning. Come along and listen to stories in another language, learn about the cultures of people from around the world and experience diversity at first hand.

You will have a chance to engage with native speakers from around the globe. Have a go at trying out any of the different languages for yourself, with taster sessions in languages such as: Arabic, British Sign Language, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Spanish. The sessions will be run by UEA staff and students and are adapted to cater for complete beginners.

Children and adults can engage in puzzles, quizzes, art and craft activities and perhaps even celebrate the Royal Wedding by making a congratulatory card, for the happy couple, written in another language.  

For full information, please see here or visit the Forum's website here.