Media and Development in Practice Media and Development in Practice

"This module has been one of the best and most challenging and worthwhile experiences of my entire university career. It was definitely a major reason I got my current job."
 - Isla, former Media and Development in Practice student

The aim of this module is not only to provide students with the opportunity to gain experience of media and development in practice but also to provide the opportunity to reflect on that experience.

The clients

  • BBC Radio Norfolk – one of the most listened-to BBC Local Radio services.Each year students can choose to work with one of a range of clients as consultants to help them use media to promote social change. In the past these have included,
  • BBC Voices - a media workshop and production unit for film, music and radio.
  • Content Consultants – an editorial agency specialising in health communications for web, print and mobile.
  • Future Radio, a community radio station in Norwich, aiming to promote social inclusion, freedom of expression and the dissemination of information.
  • Norfolk Education and Action for Development (NEAD) - a development education centre which provides educational activities and training for teachers, schools and educators, in the area of international development.
  • Your WorldView - an online platform for new and emerging filmmakers to showcase their short films, documentaries and other multimedia content about international issues.

SeminarPast projects have involved content production, audience research, social media strategy, project design and capacity building.

Teaching methods

This module is not taught through conventional lectures and seminars. Instead, there are opportunities to talk, listen and reflect on our work and the issues and processes encountered. An important element of this process is peer review.

The weekly sessions are facilitated by lecturers from the School of International Development and by professionals from a media and development organisation, called New Media Networks (NMN). NMN is a creative industries company that works in the UK and internationally for lasting social change. The nature of the weekly sessions will depend on the theme of the week and the stage of the process, although usually sessions will be split between discussion and practical group work.