Helping you develop the skills and knowledge to build your employability

We provide support to assist students with their careers in development. For undergraduate students we provide the first year key skills unit and throughout their three years development practice seminars and workshops. Our undergraduates find that our Overseas Study Unit and Development Work Experience units help build their early careers. For all postgraduate students we provide workshops and seminars to support employability and development practice skills. We also provide in-depth CV writing workshops specifically designed to reveal how best to cast different types of CVs.

"I wanted to write to tell you how useful I found the financial planning workshops. You managed to make financial planning come alive for us and highlighted its application in our future careers in development. It was a very useful workshop that I won't forgot and I commend DEV for organising it for us all. The Development in Practice module is going very well. Learning practical skills which we can apply means we will hit the ground running after university."

William Barsley, current 3rd year Undergraduate student.

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