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Cafe conversations - table top and pavement boardsThe UEA Engagement Fund is for individual UEA/NRP staff, students and postgraduate researchers to claim expenses related to their public and community engagement activity (see examples below of activity funded with the help of the fund)

Applications can be made by academics, postgraduate researchers and students from UEA/NRP. It is not for UEA faculties or schools.

Please note: the purpose of the fund is to engage external, non-UEA people with UEA research. The fund supports activity which is designed for a non-expert, external audience.

Applications to the fund need to be made using the form below:


Download the form here:

UEA Engagement Fund Application (Word)

Please email the form to:

Once authorised by the Events and Engagement Manager claims can be made up to £200.

Please note that individuals can make no more than three claims per academic year. The fund does not support claims retrospectively - please make your application before your activities take place.

You can claim for:

  • Venue or room hire
  • Purchase of materials
  • The cost of printing flyers and handouts
  • Transport costs
  • Catering or refreshments
  • Other costs agreed with the Events and Engagement office 

You cannot claim for:

  • Membership or subscription fees; publications and professional bodies
  • Consultancy
  • Supply teaching cover in schools
  • Conference fees
  • Website design