We can help you make it happen We can help you make it happen

Increase your confidence, gain experience, and get paid!

If you've approached an organisation and secured your own opportunity, we can run it through our UEA Internship Programme to help you kick-start your career.

Already approached an organisation?

If you've found your own opportunity we can make it a reality with our flexible internship programme. Organising your internship with us means you will receive support from CareerCentral whilst making the process simple for you and the organisation. All the organisation will need to do is sign a contract and pay an invoice.

Need help with speculative applications?

If you have yet to secure your dream internship, we can help with that too. We have a range of resources available through MyCareerCentral, and Careers Advisers are available to give advice on speculative applications. Careers appointments can help you find networks and give you the confidence to approach organisations to give your career a kick-start.

Key requirements

  • It can be full-time or part-time work from a few weeks to a year
  • The organisation needs to agree to pay you for your work
  • You need to work from business premises, you can't work from home
  • The opportunity can be anywhere within the UK. If you are interested in working in Europe then check out our Erasmus+ support.

Found an opportunity? Get in touch with the Internship Team: email internship@uea.ac.uk or call 01603 593917.

Want more support? Pop in to CareerCentral or contact us: email career.central@uea.ac.uk or call 01603 593452.