Mary Leishman, interned with CareerCentral at UEA Mary Leishman, interned with CareerCentral at UEA

Mary LeishmanIn my internship with CareerCentral, I have been working to support and help develop aspects of the Careers Mentoring Service. It has been a fantastic opportunity and has allowed me to gain valuable work experience and earn, whilst being flexible around my degree.

My line manager has been wonderfully supportive and guided me in developing various interesting projects, alongside general duties of the role. The projects have allowed me to work with people from across Careers and Enterprise, and have both aided the CareerCentral team, and helped other students too. I’ve also assisted in hosting Mentor-Student networking events, and have met a range of notable professionals and highly driven students, as well as finding my own mentor who has massively helped me in understanding how to break into my desired sector. 

Overall the internship has been an amazing opportunity to work with a dynamic team, whilst staying on campus, and has been flexible around my busy final year schedule. It has also given me confidence, experience and skills that I look forward to applying in my graduate role and talking about in future interviews.

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