Courtney Pochin, interned with Walking With The Wounded Courtney Pochin, interned with Walking With The Wounded

Courtney Pochin, Walking with the WoundedMy internship in Social Media and PR for Walking with the Wounded has exceeded all of my expectations. Before starting in the position, I looked forward to working for a charity but assumed I would merely be undertaking the tasks of a stereotypical intern – making coffee, taking notes and photocopying things. I was wrong. From day one I was thrown straight into the thick of it all and I’m so grateful that I was.

My main responsibility during the internship was the charity’s 10 week Walk of Britain in which six wounded military veterans (British and American) walked 1000 miles across the UK, supported by their expedition patron, Prince Harry. I was tasked with joining the walk's support crew and going on the road with the team for the whole 72 days, following their day to day activities and creating interesting content to put out across the charity's social media pages and website.

The experience as a whole was extremely daunting as a recent graduate, and the youngest member of the team, but also completely incredible. I’ve achieved more than I could have ever imagined – I’ve climbed mountains (literally), I’ve grown in confidence and had the opportunity to travel to amazing places, so I like to think of this internship as a lifetime worth of experiences crammed into just a few months.

I’m now coming to the end of my time with WWTW and will be starting work as a digital writer for the EDP and Norwich Evening News shortly. After working side by side with so many journalists on the walk and writing content for WWTW’s website, I've realized that I desire a career working with words and sharing inspirational stories – such as those of the WOB team members.

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