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What are Knowledge Transfer Partnerships?

The Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) scheme, supported by the UK government enables business to access the knowledge and expertise of UK universities including their skilled graduates to help their business grow or to meet a specific business need. The scheme supports business of all sizes including SME’s, established companies, commercial research and not for profit organisations to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of the knowledge, technology and skills from within the universities. KTP Projects usually last between six months and three years and are designed around a businesses needs. Innovate UK provide a grant to support the project and a structure within which it is undertaken.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Find inventive solutions to your business challenges

  • Access qualified graduates to take your projects forward

  • Improve your competitive advantage and business performance

  • Get advice and support from leading academic experts

  • Benefit from training and recruitment opportunities and access to UEA facilities

  • Increase your profitability and grow your business

How does it work?

There are three components to a KTP project

  • The Company

This can be a private enterprise, public body or third sector organisation. The Company develops the project together with the “Knowledge Base” and supervises the day to day activities of the “Associate” who will normally work at the company during the project

  • The Knowledge Base

This can be a university or other higher education institution. The university will employ the associate and provide an academic supervisor who will work on the project for around 10% of their time.

  • The Associate

This is a high calibre recent graduate from bachelors to doctoral level. The Associate delivers the project under the joint supervision of the Company and the university acting as a conduit for knowledge transfer from the university to the Company and instilling this knowledge in the business to bring about sustainable benefits.

Each of these three partners benefits from the scheme. The Company gains access to the expertise of the university, the Associate gains training and experience and the university improves their external links and collaborations. In addition to the partners each KTP project benefits from a KTP advisor employed by Innovate UK.

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