14 December 2023


GeoAcoustics Limited is a leading provider of high-quality underwater acoustic solutions for diverse applications.

The KTP Project: Develop hybrid machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to automate sonar data processing for seabed mapping.

The Academic Team: Dr Wenjia Wang and Dr Ben Milner (School of Computing Sciences)

The Challenge: Seabed mapping is essential for marine science, the maritime industry and environmental protection. However, it is both expensive and time-consuming, with sonar-based systems generating huge volumes of data which require experienced human operators to process. As a consequence, less than 25% of the Earth’s seabed has been mapped (March 2023). Making seabed mapping more efficient and accurate is a significant challenge. The partnership with GeoAcoustics began in 2018, applying academic knowledge of AI to enhance existing technology. The team have developed a prototype AI-assisted seabed mapping system, which when tested on real-world data, achieves comparable accuracy to a trained person, but at least ten times faster.

The Benefits: 

“The KTP programme has allowed us to work with world class talent in order to drive forward our product development.” Richard Dowdeswell, General Manager, Geo Acoustics Ltd