Every year, unofficial Welcome events pop up across social media. Unofficial events are not necessarily legal, safe, exclusively for students or even real.

We want you to have an amazing Welcome experience at UEA so here are some tips on how to tell if something is an official UEA or uea(su) event:

  • Does it refer to ‘Freshers’ or ‘Freshers’ Week’? If so, it’s not an official Welcome event
  • Are they trying to panic you into buying tickets? Such as ‘almost sold out!’... If so, it could be fake
  • Does the event have a specific time and location? If not, it could be fake
  • Is the event hosted by UEA or uea(su)? If not, it isn’t an official Welcome event
  • Double-check before sharing your personal information, including signing up to events. There are rules around the collecting and sharing of data, but not everyone will stick to them. Stay alert and protect your personal data.

If you’re unsure, don’t buy tickets unless the event has been verified by UEA or uea(su) – you could end up paying for nothing! – just get in touch at union.info@uea.ac.uk or events@uea.ac.uk

Does the event feature either the UEA or uea(su) logo? If it doesn’t, it’s not an event affiliated with the University. Official events will always feature university branding.

You can also find the official schedule of Welcome Week activities here:


Welcome Week Official Schedule
(UEA login required)