From suffragettes to science writers and everything in between, our archives feature an impressive collection of material which is available for you to explore. Our complete collection of Archives is listed below.

More information on each collection can be found in our catalogue.

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  • G.S. Callendar
    G.S. Callendar
    Callendar was a noted steam engineer and amateur meteorologist. His collection contains notebooks, correspondence and other documents.
  • Hunt breakfast in Penang, 1934
    Composed largely of photographic material, this collection contains the surviving papers of Joan Millachip (nee Everest) and her husband Henry John Millachip.
  • JEB Hill
    Hill Papers
    John Edward Bernard Hill served as a Member of Parliament for South Norfolk for 19 years. This collection includes personal and other papers, as well as a large quantity of photographic and film material. ​
  • Printed ephemera from the Holloway Collection
    A collection of printed ephemera relating to the arts and culture in Britain from the early 1960’s. Includes brochures, pamphlets, leaflets and more.
  • Isokon Trust logo
    Isokon Trust
    A record of the rescue, restoration and refurbishment of the Isokon Flats, an iconic Modernist building in Lawn Road, Hampstead.
  • Annie and Jessie Kenney
    Kenney Papers
    The personal papers of suffragette sisters, Annie and Jessie Kenney. This collection consists of letters, photographs, press-cuttings, unpublished manuscripts, books and memorabilia relating to their lives and activism.
  • Hubert Lamb reading newspaper
    H.H. Lamb
    Correspondence and research papers from the Founding Director of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at UEA.
  • UEA campus
    Stefan Muthesius
    Papers of retired UEA architectural and design historian who published on post-World War II council housing, and university campuses of the 1960s.​
  • Pevsner Collection
    Pevsner Art Catalogues
    Collection of published art gallery catalogues, art and artists’ pamphlets, bequeathed by Sir Nikolaus Pevsner.
  • Lawn Road Flats
    Pritchard Papers
    Papers of the international Modern movement. The mid-1930s transformation of modern living as evidenced through the Isokon Furniture Company and Flats.
  • Theatre
    We have three theatre collections in our Archives. These include the Tinkler and Williams, Theatre Quarterly and Fisher Theatre collections.
  • Frank Thistlethwaite
    Frank Thistlethwaite
    Founding Vice-Chancellor of UEA, Thistlethwaite wrote widely on American History, the origins of UEA and his own family’s history. His archive includes official papers of the UEA. ​
  • Students walking near ziggurats
    UEA Collection
    A core collection of documents including books, journals and individual recordings deposited by staff, alumni and other persons associated with the University.​
  • Solly Zuckerman on Tobruk beach, 1943
    Personal papers of Solly Zuckerman, documenting his academic and public careers as British public servant, zoologist and operational research pioneer.