Snoo Wilson portraitSnoo Wilson (1948-2013) read American Studies at UEA and began his writing career the year he graduated.

He was a founding director of The Portable Theatre Company, with David Hare, Howard Brenton and Tony Bicat, which helped to reinvent British theatre in the 1970’s and 80’s.

Snoo went on to be an acclaimed theatre director, scriptwriter and screenwriter.

The archive contains extensive notebooks, diaries, manuscripts and working papers.​

Snoo Wilson Archive

British Archive for Contemporary Writing

The Snoo Wilson Prize for Scriptwriting

In 2016, following the gift of his archive to UEA, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities created the annual Snoo Wilson Scriptwriting Prize, to honour students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level whose work shows particular promise and is true to the spirit of inventiveness in Snoo's work.

The Director of the Prize, Professor and acclaimed scriptwriter, Steve Waters, is also the Academic Curator of the British Archive for Contemporary Writing's Scriptwriting Collection. 

A free annual prize giving event is held each year at The Garage, a venue partner and collaborator with UEA's School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing.

Each year, the prizes are judged by practising creative directors and scriptwriters, with readings by current UEA Drama students. We are extremely grateful for the wider support. We are also delighted to host Snoo's family and friends and members of the public as part of the audience. 

Past winners 


Asiya Lawal - Fatima: Queen of the Djinns

Mae Milburn (UG) - Dirty Angel



Kevin G. Carey (PG) - On Rainbow River 

Jonathan Massey (UG) - Leave a Part of Yourself Here



Lacey Austin (PG) - We Begin Where We End

Caitlin Jacobsen (UG) - Sea Glass



Vasundhara Koshy (PG) - Waste

Simone Chalkley (UG) - Making It Up As I Go



Katie Stockton (PG) – Car Crash Girl

Ella Thompson (UG) – Sorry We Cut Off Your Head



James Mortimer (PG) – White Thorn

Amy Cresswell (UG) – Lancaster West Estate



Iain Gonoude (PG) – Cherrypicking

Angie Pena Arenas (UG) – Oiga, Mire, Vea



Sophy Plumb (only 1 prize) – Fishbowl