A Toolkit for Archiving Women’s Amateur Film 

Our toolkit emerges from the Women in Focus research project where our key aim was to advocate for new approaches to the cataloguing of women filmmakers across all archives with moving image collections. 

The toolkit has been designed to tackle the ongoing under-reporting of women’s filmed creative work, both in professional and non-professional spheres, and offers five specific tools that archives can adopt to make women filmmakers in their collections more visible.

Our focus remains the cultural heritage of these creative women, but we believe many of these strategies can be extended to filmmakers from other marginalised groups.

You can access the toolkit, and its individual tools, in the following ways:

Full 16-page document, ‘A Toolkit for Archiving Women’s Amateur Film’

This document includes:

  • A list of Contents

  • Introduction: this sets out the broader context for our work and approach

  • Five Tools: each tool sets out a problem, our strategies for addressing it, then a case study illustrating the application of those strategies

  • A Quick Start Guide: a summary of our recommended strategies

  • Acknowledgements

  • Individual Tools and Case Studies

Download Full Toolkit

Individual Tools

Alternatively, you can download the five tools individually using the links below; each explains a problem associated with cataloguing women filmmakers, offers strategies to tackle that problem, then uses a case study to illustrate those solutions in practice:


Alternatively you can use the  Quick Start Guide


You can also download a sample Acquisitions Questionnaire to use or amend for your own archival situation (as referred to in Tool 1).

Download Acquisitions Questionnaire