The study has been designed to articulate in three stages.

Technology Enhanced Learning project stages

Stage 1

Lecturers and undergraduate students from UEA and three other UK higher education institutions will be recruited and interviewed to gather their opinions about the TEL practices to which they are exposed. The output of this first round of interviews will inform the creation of a questionnaire.

Stage 2

Undergraduate students will be recruited to perform cognitive testing interviews on the questionnaire. Through this procedure, students will be asked to interpret the meaning of the questions, to ensure that their interpretation coincides with the one of the researchers. Next, the finalised questionnaire will be deployed online to the broader student population (with or without SpLDs, ASD, ADHD) and responses will be collected. 

Stage 3

Reporting and recommendations.

Data protection

All data collected for this project will be anonymised.

The project has cleared ethical approval and does not require any exchange of data at institutional level.

Reports designed for public dissemination will not identify participants or the institutions involved in the project.

For more information, please see our pages on data protection and data protection for web forms


This project is part of wider work UEA is undertaking to deliver on the commitments made in its Access and Participation Plan 2020/21-2024/25 and Inclusive Education Policy. Hence, the University's committed Access and Participation Plan (APP) funding for Evidence and Evaluation is the financing source of this project.