Clinical Tips 

Establish and work towards the patient’s goals.

"Listen to the patient about what it is that they want to get from life. In the sales context, there’s no point trying to sell someone a car which goes from 0-60 in six seconds, if what they want to do is know that it’s got enough room in the back to put a wheelchair and a bag of rubbish down the thing. So, the same with health care; the longer the clinician spends taking a history from the patient about what is normal for them, the better the assessment of needs of the patient is going to be." - Jeremy

Tailor your approach to the patient you are working with.

"There is no “typical” patient." - Joyce

For some patients, use words other than exercise.

"Exercise is … a very broad term that means very different things to different people. To a lot of people, and to me included, it means going down to the gym and sweating; it’s awful. The idea of doing that is very off-putting….. So, instead of using the term ‘exercise’, ask the question, ‘what are you doing when you’re not being still?" - Jeremy

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