Project Background and Aims

Around half of UK e-cigarette users continue to smoke tobacco. While dual using both e-cigarettes and tobacco is common, it is not well understood.

We want to understand more about people with both vape and smoke in order to make recommendations in terms of how to best support people who want to change their smoking behaviour, and inform policy-decisions on how e-cigarettes can be promoted effectively to help people stop smoking. We are also testing a novel device which fits onto participants’ e-cigarettes to automatically track their use of it.

The study aims are:

  1. To investigate patterns and trajectories of dual use behaviour and how this varies between individuals.
  2. To identify what predicts patterns of use.
  3. To understand participant perspectives on their dual use behaviour.

Information for participants

We have finished recruiting for the TRAJECT study. Thank you to our participants for their involvement in this important study.

If you need to get in touch with a project researcher, please contact Emma on or 07818 024702.

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Project team and funder

This project is a partnership between UEA and London South Bank University (LSBU). It is funded by Cancer Research UK.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Dr Emma Ward (Study Researcher) at at 07818 024702.

The study is led by Prof. Caitlin Notley and Dr Felix Naughton at UEA. Other team members Dr Emma Ward (UEA), Dr Sharon Cox (UCL), Dr Allan Tyler (LSBU), Prof. Lynne Dawkins (LSBU), Dr Emma Beard (UCL), Dr Dominika Kwasnicka (Melbourne), Prof. Richard Holland (Leicester).

Outputs and impact

Dec 2022: Dr Emma Ward and Prof. Felix Naughton presented the study to the International Scientific Conference on E-cigarette:

Descriptive and qualitative findings exploring dual use trajectories

Within-person predictors of patterns of dual e-cigarette and tobacco use

Sep 2022: Prof. Felix Naughton presented the study to the Cancer Research UK E-Cigarette Forum

Mar 2022: Dr Emma Ward presented the study to the UK Society for Behavioural Medicine 

Feb 2021: Dr Emma Ward and Yazan Sboul (the monitoring device developer) were interviewed by AZO Robotics.

Feb 2021: Dr Emma Ward appeared on That's TV East to discuss the study.

Jan 2021: UEA released a press release about the study which was reported in local and health technology press.