Committee Secretary and University Secretary : Ian Callaghan, email 

Interim Director of Governance and Assurance, Minutes Secretary: Rob Bloomer, email 

Governance Administrator : Rebecca Phillips, email


Contacts for Apologies: 

Ian Callaghan, email 

Rob Bloomer: email 

Becky Phillips (Committee Administration support): email 


2023/2024 Membership

Chair of Council - Dr Sally Howes (Chair) (2024) (Ex-officio) 
Deputy Chair of Council - Jeremy Clayton (2025) (Ex-officio) 
Senior Independent Governor – Andy Wood (Ex-officio) 
Vice-Chancellor - Professor David Maguire (Ex-officio) 

Secretary – University Secretary, Ian Callaghan
Minutes Secretary - Rob Bloomer


Terms of Reference 

The Committee will: 

1)    undertake the processes of recruitment and selection and make recommendations to the Council for the appointment of independent members to the Council.

2)    determine the principles and processes of recommending the removal of a member of Council.

3)    appoint Council members to Council boards and committees.

4)    ensure the University follows best practice in governance matters, including for example by:

a)    maintaining an over-arching view on corporate governance of the University and its subsidiary companies and joint ventures;
b)    considering recommendations from the Committee of University Chairs in respect of governance; and
c)    commissioning independent reviews of governance at least every three years.

5)    establish processes to monitor and evaluate the performance and effectiveness of Council as the governing body itself.

6)    establish working groups for particular purposes and co-opt additional members to such working groups.

7)    The Governance Committee will consider any other matters that Council may ask the Committee to address and periodically review its own effectiveness and report the results of that review to Council.

8)    The Committee may recommend to Council, and will consider recommendations from other Council Committees, that co-opted members with particular expertise be appointed to them, by Council.