In the depths of the first wave of the pandemic, UEA made a formal commitment to become a Civic University.


It was a bleak time, but we were really proud of the way we pulled together with regional partners to contribute to the shared challenges the pandemic presented.

Since then we've been looking at the many wonderful things we do already in a civic spirit and thinking about ways we can get you – the people who care enough about the university to be reading this – more involved in shaping our civic future.

What’s the plan?

We're reaching out to all Norfolk and Suffolk organisations and residents. We'd like to ask for your help in reinstating our civic commitments to this region.

So we're hosting a series of events across the region where everyone can have their say.

The events use a meeting style called open space. They're set up to be fun, participatory and help us all get right to the heart of the matter.

Everyone's voice is welcome and their ideas will be equally invited and valued.

Our charter

At the end of this process we’ll distil all the conversations, passion and energy into a short document – a charter of sorts – that any and all will be invited to sign.

It will be a statement of values, principle and promise. But it will only be effective if we’ve produced it democratically and authentically – so we need active participation across the region.

You're invited!

Yes, we mean you. We'd love you to come along.

We want to hear how you think we could work together even better. So do come along and join us!

Get involved in the civic university

The Civic University in 3½ minutes

In our video, project co-leaders Ben Little and Laura Bowater explain what a civic university is all about – and how you can get involved.


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