UEA Student Partnership Agreement - 2023/24

  • Introduction The University of East Anglia‚Äôs commitment to providing an exceptional student experience depends upon a dynamic and effective partnership between its staff and students. Our Student Partnership Agreement (SPA) outlines this relationship by setting out priority areas that UEA and uea(su) will jointly address to ensure a quality student experience. These cover: Inclusion, Learning and Teaching, Research, Authentic Extra-curricular Experience, Support for Students, and Sustainability. Our vision is that this agreement will establish an outstanding and vibrant community where all student needs are considered. 


  • What does partnership mean at UEA? We are committed to partnership working; characterised by our enthusiasm to co-create and think innovatively, to enhance the student experience. We are committed to a collective spirit to benefit the university community, and beyond our institution. We are committed to supporting a culture at UEA that considers the key areas of importance to students, in all streams of our work, thereby ensuring there are opportunities for diverse student voices to inform and enhance the student experience.


  • Our transparent and trusted relationship  Our SPA is long-lasting and sustainable due to the transparency and trust that both UEA and uea(su) promote and carry out, for the benefit of its students and the wider community. Throughout the work in our six priority areas, UEA and uea(su) commit to providing clear, respectful, and open communications with students; offering opportunities for meaningful consultation; and the provision and explanation of actions taken further to this to ensure the best outcomes for the overall student experience. Our agreement also commits to providing accessible and open lines of communication to enable us to listen, help keep track of student voices and take action or close the feedback loop appropriately.