The school now has its own research-dedicated Siemens 3 tesla Magnetom Prisma scanner, housed in the new UEA Wellcome-Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre (UWWBIC). UWWBIC consists of the MRI Suite comprising scanner room, control room, technical room, equipment storage room and waiting room, and is equipped with various coils and software for brain and body imaging.

MRI provides very high spatial resolution images of the human brain, and functional (fMRI) is one of the standard tools of modern cognitive neuroscience. It allows the measurement of brain activity non-invasively by having participants lie in an MRI scanner whilst performing a psychology experiment. UEA’s research projects are split across these five themes: Methods and Modelling; Developmental Dynamics; Cognitive Neuroscience; Brain Plasticity and Healthy Ageing and Dementia.


prism temporary mri scan machine