We believe in the importance of teaching which includes a plurality of world views and ways of knowing.

To this end, we are seeking to decolonise our curriculum by engaging with leading research and pedagogical perspectives that reflect the diversity and plurality of all our disciplines.

Working closely with our students and the Student Union, we are at the start of an exciting journey to undertake this work in a considered, informed and transparent manner. We want to nurture active and open dialogues with our students and colleagues within and across the School, our discipline-level organisations, and university and Student Union initiatives.

We have already undertaken a number of actions, including building up scholarly and pedagogical resources, consulting and supporting our BIPOC students, gathering and sharing examples of best practice, established fruitful collaborations with students, sector organisations, the Student Union and university’s Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing office, and organised public events.

In terms of next steps, this year we are inviting a number of external speakers to share their perspectives and approaches with us. These workshops, alongside our peer observation and further discussions, will allow us to reflect on our teaching and module content.