These are the terms of reference for the Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Committee within the School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing at UEA.


We are committed to promoting diversity, inclusion and equality within the workplace for all staff and students. The role of this Committee is to offer an active and visible forum for this work and to address inequalities relating to all protected characteristics for staff and students at a structural and systemic level. It is the responsibility of all members of staff within the School to ensure that their own work meets the standards of the University’s statement on equality, diversity and inclusivity. The Committee was formed in 2020 by our Athena Swan co-leads and members of our Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team as a key action point of the Bronze application.

The purpose of our EDI Committee is to:

  • Uphold the University’s standards and commitments on Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity

  • Offer a visible and active forum for the identification and discussion of inequalities within the school relating to all protected characteristics, supporting and driving change on agreed priorities for staff and students

  • Work with staff within the School to enact the Athena Swan Bronze Award Action Plan as an essential criteria for progressing towards Athena Swan Silver in November 2024

  • Listen and offer advice within the school to staff and students and make recommendations to Faculty and University management

  • Communicate ongoing work to the School

The Committee will do this by:

  • Meeting regularly to determine priorities, to identify opportunities, and to report on actions undertaken

  • Recording, collecting and analysing up-to-date data

  • Collaborating with other groups such as those working on the Wellbeing Team, the Race Equality Charter, the Stonewall Equality Initiative, and the Decolonising Network in order to develop support systems for related intersectional work

  • Encouraging members to make themselves known as representatives of the committee within their respective working communities (research, teaching, support staff, postgraduate and undergraduate)

  • Championing and celebrating a diverse and inclusive culture within the school where staff and students feel comfortable to be themselves and to ask for support if they need it

The Committee will:

  • Meet every six-to-eight weeks within term-time to report on actions taken and agree ongoing priorities

  • Examine the findings of staff and student survey data and identify impact of the Bronze Award plan and areas of concern to inform future priorities and action

  • Request expert advice from ex officio members as required

  • Implement policy and procedural change where appropriate and make recommendations to Faculty or University management where appropriate

The EDI Committee will be made up of representatives from all areas of our staff and student bodies, including research and teaching staff at different stages of their career, full-time and part-time staff, Associate Tutors and support staff, postgraduate and undergraduate students. In order to best implement the Bronze Award action plan, the Committee also features a number of ex officio members, including those in the roles of Admissions Director, Research Director, Teaching Director, Postgraduate Teaching Director and School Manager. Ex officio membership may vary slightly as and when appropriate in response to certain prioritised actions.

Recognising the significance of attending to concerns and positive changes related to a range of protected characteristics and to intersectional identities, the EDI Committee has champions for LGBT, BIPOC, Mental Health and Disability.