Thank you for your interest in the Locognosia Test. You can download the PDF of the instructions for administration, the handchart, record and scoring forms through our licencing platform.

The Locognosia Test was developed by Professor Christina Jerosch-Herold as part of her Masters of Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Southampton in 1990-91 and was funded by a Department of Health Allied Health Professions bursary. The Locognosia Test is a modified version of the area localisation test first developed and published by David Marsh (1990).

It has been used in a number of studies (Jerosch-Herold, 1993, 2001) including a longitudinal follow-up study of patients with median nerve injuries (Jerosch-Herold, 2003) and carpal tunnel syndrome (Jerosch-Herold, 2011) to assess its responsiveness. Test-retest reliability and discriminant validity  was assessed in 39 patients with median and ulnar nerve injuries (Jerosch-Herold C et al 2006).

The instructions for administration, recording and scoring form translated into English by Lilian Santchi at the Kantonsspital St Gallen are also available in German.

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