The Advanced Materials group focus on the function-led design of new nano-materials for catalysis and separation in energy, environmental and health applications.

Matt focuses on the development of electro-hydrodynamic atomization (EHDA) deposition technology for use in broad-ranging applications, such as nanoparticle production for drug encapsulation and targeted delivery, thin film deposition for electronics, energy storage and conversions devices and high-resolution printing for printed electronics applications.

Oscar has been producing 3D holey graphene aerogels (HGA) with tunable mico-, meso- and macro-porosity as the conductive scaffold for electrochemical active nano-sized materials (e.g. MnO2, LDHs, NiGa2O4, etc).

Dianzi focuses on developing cost-effective and efficient optimization techniques to determine the least number of experimental tests required to obtain the optimal combination of input parameters in order to achieve good experimental outcomes.

Sonia focuses on the development, scale-up and processing of functionalized carbon nanomaterials, such as carbon nanotubes, nanofibres and graphenes, for potential applications in chemical engineering and environmental processes.

Matt, Oscar, Eleni, Dianzi and Sonia have been working together to fabricate 1) carbon-based energy storage devices and 2) thin-film photovoltaics.