We have a vibrant research community with a research seminar series offering weekly opportunities to share research.

Our Internal Workshop Series is organised by Ariel Gu and Cara Liggins.

There are two formats:

  • Faculty Seminars: where a faculty member delivers a traditionally structured seminar
  • PhD Seminars: where our PhD Students present their work and engage with discussants

These seminars are open to all ECO Staff and PhD Students, every Tuesday 1pm-2pm. These will be held in a hybrid format.

11th October

Héctor Hermida Rivera (University of East Anglia)

Nash Equilibrium & Power Stability


15th November

Valentina Di Gennaro (University of East Anglia)

Well-being and productivity


13th December

Shanfei Zhang (University of East Anglia)

The Impact of Household Background Risks on Financial Risk Asset Allocation


31st January

Martin Bruns (University of East Anglia)

Time-Varying Transmission of Oil Supply News


7th February

Aayushi Awasthy (University of East Anglia)

Impact of higher quality electricity access on educational scores


21st February

Ginikachukwu Okpala (University of East Anglia)

The Dynamic Relationship Between Bank Credit Ratings and Non-Performing Loans using Panel Vector Autoregressive Model


28th February

Andrea Marietta Leina (University of East Anglia)

Cooperation in the helping game: Image scoring or good standing?


7th March

Keila Guillen (University of East Anglia)

Preferences for Mangrove's restoration in the Colombian Caribbean


14th March

Joshua Clark (University of East Anglia)

Identifying Uncertainty and Volatility Shocks with an Instrumental SVAR model


25th March

Philip (Vincent) Melnikov (University of East Anglia)


2nd May

Asya Chzhen (University of East Anglia)


9th May

Sehrish Ghayas (University of East Anglia)

Fiscal Rules and Debt Sustainability , Case of Emerging and Developing Countries


16th May

Amir Jafarzadeh (University of East Anglia)

Aayushi Awasthy

Electricity access without quality check is not enough :Evidence from India

Dalal Alotaibi

Saudis’ expectations and preferences in relation to employment decisions: A vignettes study

Binwei Chen

The Causal Effect of Option Market Introductions: A Synthetic Control Approach

Vicenc Esteve Guasch

Price cap regulation and the strategic role of debt: The England and Wales water sector

Keila Onate Guillen

The economic value of mangroves in Latin America: a benefit transfer meta-analysis

Haibo Zhang

Causal evaluation of the China’s Low-Carbon Pilot Initiative on prefectural-level CO2 emission

Gustavo Fruet Dias

Volatility Discovery

David Hugh-Jones

Technology of cultural transmission I: the printing press

Arnold Polanski

What can we learn from applying machine learning to bargaining?" 

Deanna Karapetyan

Reducing Ambiguity on Negative Externalities: The Role of Information on Pro-social Behaviour

Loylom Prasertsri

The Effects of Altruistic and Extrinsic Motivations on Product Review:  Evidence from a Framed Field Experiment

Brock Cox


Dalal Alotaibi

Saudis’ expectations and preferences in relation to employment decisions : A Vignette Study