Norwich Economic Publications is a student-led economics publication from the School of Economics at the University of East Anglia.

Our publications include a wide range of scholarly, innovative, and original academic works, together with multiple podcasts that cover different topics within economics and student experience.

Norwich Economic Publications is an open-access resource that is led by students, for students. We aim to provide an insight into the world of economics, as well as support and guidance for our peers.

Our missions and visions remain to be a continuous contribution to the ECO community, recognising exemplary research, rewarding exceptional work, and encouraging engagement with the outside world.


Our people:

Editor: Daisy Groet

Associate Editors: Barzan Fathulla, Zaafirah Haider, David Kwakye, Atykunn Ny, Andrew Rogers, and Benjamin Seeds

Academic Editor: Dr Liliana Harding


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