Norwich Economic Publications is the largest student-led economics publication from the School of Economics.

Our publications include a wide range of scholarly, innovative and original academic works, together with multiple podcast series that cover different topics in economics and students support.

Norwich Economic Publications is an open-access resource that is led by students and for students. We aim to provide everyone with an open look into the world of economics , become a forum that fosters the real-world application of diverse economic approaches via students’ perspectives as well as providing support and guidance for our peers.

In the twelfth year of NEP, our missions and visions remain to be a continuous contribution to the ECO community, recognising exemplary research, rewarding exceptional work and encouraging the engagement between people and the world of economics.

Our people:

Chief Editors: Minh Anh Ta and Shane Joseph

Creative Editors: Alale Folarin Olusola, Daniel Griffiths, Michael Ononye, Amaia Lakidain, De Arriba and Riley Garvin