Partners are responsible and accountable for the information they produce about the HE learning opportunities they offer.

However, as a validating body, UEA is required to have effective oversight on the accuracy of all public information, publicity and promotional activity relating to programmes that lead to a UEA award.


Partners are therefore required to follow the Publicity Policy within the Information for Students Guidance when:

  • publicising and providing information on all aspects of courses validated by UEA
  • using the UEA logo and descriptors relating to their partnership with the University
  • providing publicly available information for stakeholders about UEA


The policy covers the widest interpretation of public information, publicity and promotional activity. This includes, but is not limited to, advertising, open days, websites, social media (web and mobile-based technologies), press releases and media interviews.


You can find more QAA guidance on Partnerships when you visit their website.