Institutional Approval

Institutional Approval is the initial approval of potential partner organisations by the University for the conduct of Higher Education courses leading to an award of the University of East Anglia. It is distinct from the validation of specific courses. The Institutional Approval and Review processes are organised in accordance with the QAA UK Quality Code, which requires that the University assures itself of the suitability of any potential partner through undertaking the appropriate due diligence procedures.

The Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC) is responsible for making recommendations to Senate regarding the establishment of new collaborative partnerships.

Institutional Approval Guidance

Institutional Approval Documentation Requirements 


Course Regulations

A partner’s overall regulatory framework is subject to approval by UEA.  The regulations are expected to conform to the normal requirements for the award of UEA qualifications and to be published by partner institutions in a form readily accessible to students.


Institutional Review

Institutional review is the process by which partner institutions are reviewed at institutional level, usually every five years, to ensure that they remain suitable for the conduct of Higher Education courses leading to an award of the University of East Anglia. The process is distinct from the revalidation of specific courses.

Institutional Review Partner Guidance

Institutional Review Timeline Template


Approval of a New Site of Delivery

Where a partner proposes delivery of a validated programme at a new site, Academic Partnerships will agree the detail of approval based upon the nature of the arrangement.


Serial Validation/Franchising

Following successful validation, the course may be delivered only at those specified locations approved at the time of validation. The partner institution must not offer the validated course(s) (and thus the University’s awards) in collaboration with another body and is not permitted to sub-contract the course (serial validation/franchising) to other educational providers unless it has been formally sanctioned to do so. 


Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation ceremonies for the purpose of awarding UEA validated awards may be held 'in person' or 'in absentia'.

Parchments for ceremonies are only produced at certain points during the year and the dates of Boards of Examiners' meetings should be notified to Academic Partnerships well in advance to ensure that parchment production can be arranged. 

Partner institutions may nominate potential candidates for the award of an honorary degree of the University; the process is co-ordinated by the UEA Vice-Chancellor’s Office.

Academic dress for ceremonies is to be worn as approved by the University.