Careers Information and Your Next Steps

Although the Master of Law Degree is an essentially academic qualification, its vocational relevance is clear and many of our students intend to become lawyers. Many others either intend to work in different fields or they are unsure, when they start their degrees, about whether they want to work in the legal profession or not. Our School regards helping students with career choice and developing their personal “employability” as part of its function. Many members of our staff have professional qualifications and some have had extensive career experience as solicitors or barristers.

Our Law School, Careers Service and Student Law Society organise a wide range events and introductions for those intending to pursue a career in the legal profession, and this includes advice and guidance on the routes to qualification as a solicitor, barrister or legal executive.

Other Careers for Law Graduates

Many law graduates do not join the legal profession, and their careers are just as important to us. Many of the events organised by our School and our Careers Service are provided with just these students in mind. Amongst other activities, we offer a wide range of internship opportunities with employers of all kinds.