Independent retailers, artisans and high street favourites

The Lanes and Independents

A little village within a city, the Lanes foster a great sense of community. Looking for vintage vinyl or a cool glass of vino? Up-to-the-minute trends or classic afternoon tea? The Lanes have got you covered.

Home to scores of independent shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs, a stroll through the Norwich Lanes reveals the city’s independent spirit at its finest. With a strong identity all of its own, this labyrinth of pedestrianised streets, alleyways and courtyards has become one of Norwich’s best destinations for shopping, eating and drinking.

Chantry Place and St.Stephens

All the usual high street stores and food chains, under one roof.

You’ll find all the big-name high street stores in this shopping centre at the heart of the city. Whether you’re after Boots or H&M, Apple or Sports Direct, you’ll find it here. There are also takeaways, like McDonalds and Pret A Manger, to grab food on the go. Or eat in at the likes of Ask Italian and Wagamama.

Chantry Place
40-46 St Stephens Street
Norwich, NR1 3SH

Norwich Market

Ideal for browsing or serious shopping, alone or with friends.

Clothing to crafts. Haberdashery to home wares. Street food to stationery, and plenty more besides. This large outdoor market has something for everyone. Browse the stalls to find a new outfit or accessory. Buy unique gifts. Sample some of the best local food and drink available. Simply enjoy exploring the maze of 189 stalls in the heart of the city.

Norwich Market
1 Market Place,
Norwich, NR2 1ND

Golden Triangle

Within the tree-lined neighbourhoods lies an impressive array of all the shops you need.

In addition to its local pubs and cafes, the golden triangle area of Norwich also houses some great shops. From bakery and whole foods shops, to hairdressers and supermarkets plus a selection of charity shops where you can pick yourself up a real bargain.