The location of the Faith Centre is next to the Square at the heart of the University. Students and Staff are welcome to attend the Faith Centre. The role of the Faith Centre is to accommodate for the many religious beliefs present on campus. 

A broad range of religions have a presence at the Faith Centre.  Over the week many religious activities take place at the Faith Centre to accommodate for many religious groups. The Faith Centre offers a spiritual space and a community within the campus. 

The facilities at the Faith Centre include two Quiet Rooms for prayer, and a large Worship Room for religious services. We also have a large Common Room with chairs and tables and a small kitchen.  Staff and Students are more than welcome to come and enjoy your lunch in our Common Room too.  

Find us here: ///secure.miss.burn 

As part of the UEA community, the Faith Centre has a mission statement

  • Serve the spiritual and religious needs of the University community. 


  • Provide pastoral care, friendship and support for all staff and students of the University, regardless of their faith.  


  • Support the academic life of the University by exploring meaning, faith, peace and justice in a safe and respectful environment. 


  • Provide in the Faith Centre a ‘mutual place’ in which staff and students can encounter people of a different culture or set of beliefs. 


As a valued part of the University's welfare network, the chaplains offer everyone a sympathetic ear in total confidence. 

The wide range of Faith Groups that are accommodated by the Faith Centre include:

Catholic , Buddhist, Church of England Anglican, Coptic Orthodox Church, Free Church, Hindu, Islamic Community,  Orthodox Judaism, Quaker, Messianic Jews,  Unitarian.