We have prepared a few answers to questions we're asked a lot about our accommodation and how to apply. We hope you find it useful. 

If you are not guaranteed accommodation but would like to be considered, you should still apply for a room. Whilst we will prioritise guaranteed students we will allocate any remaining rooms to non-guaranteed students. Please make sure that you apply before the accommodation deadline.

For full details about our guarantee please visit UEA Accommodation Guarantee.

If you wish to do so please come to one of the UEA Open Days which include tours of residences.

If you are unable to attend an Open Day you may wish to take a look at our accommodation options. Here we have costs, room details and 360° videos to help you decide your accommodation preferences.

UEA accommodation offers rooms which have been adapted for use by students with disabilities. These rooms are a range of room types and prices and are integrated in flats with non-adapted rooms, rather than being located together in a specific area. For more information, please see Students with Disabilities

If you would prefer not to live with members of the opposite sex for any reason, please let us know in advance. You can enter this information in the disability/medical/other field of the online form. We will try our best to help but we cannot guarantee same-sex accommodation.

Your accommodation offer will be emailed to you shortly after your room has been allocated, and this happens after your student status has been confirmed. The majority of applicants will be allocated in the period between the end of August and the middle of September, for example, most Undergraduate students will be allocated shortly after A-Level results day. For full details about key dates throughout the year, please refer to our timeline.

We aim to allocate all applicants a room within their top three choices, but due to limited availability, this is not always possible.

If you have been offered a room which you are not happy with, we have a pre-arrival room change waiting list.

Pre-arrival room changes are only applicable to those that have not been allocated within their top three preferences (unless there are exceptional circumstances).

If you would like to be added to the pre-arrival room change waiting list, please email accom@uea.ac.uk stating you wish to be considered.

If you are unhappy with your room after you arrive, we may be able to offer a different room later in the semester. We will ask you to complete a room change form and will try to help if we can. We will begin accepting requests for room changes in October.

We charge a cleaning fee of £30 for room changes.

Alternatively, you may be able to swap rooms with another student. This is at the discretion of the Accommodation Office as we need to check course type, licence length.

Students are also reminded that they should never swap rooms with another student without going through the Accommodation Office. As well as being a breach of the terms and conditions, you would also be liable for damage charges incurred in your original room.

Unfortunately, we have a very tight turn-around time between residents leaving accommodation and new students arriving. It is unlikely that you will be able to move in to your room earlier than specified on your offer letter. If you have exceptional circumstances, please contact us in advance and we will try to help.

If you need to arrive early and your room is not ready, you may wish to book a room on campus at Broadview Lodge, our guest accommodation on campus.

Our general advice when packing would be to think of your stay in residences as an extended trip, and don't bring too much! Storage space is limited, both in your room and in the kitchen. Try not to bring expensive items, especially if you're going to store them in the kitchen.

Below is a check list of essentials to either bring with you or buy in your first few days. We have also included a list of some things which are not allowed in residences. For full details, please refer to our terms and conditions

Packing list

  • Bedding - Bedding is not provided, unless you have pre-ordered it, so bring a sheet to cover the mattress, plus a duvet or warm cover, and pillows.
  • You can order a bedding pack before your arrival from UniKitOut and this will be delivered to your room (if items are ordered before the deadline). Other items such as pans, plates and towels can also be ordered from UniKitOut. Use the discount code UEA10 for 10% off your order. 
  • Towels and toiletries - These are not provided, but if you forget your toothbrush the UEA Shop on campus stocks a range of toiletries and towels. 
  • Cleaning supplies and toilet rolls - our residences have a housekeeping service that covers the emptying of bins and cleaning in communal spaces, but residents should bring cleaning supplies for their room and en suite bathroom. We will supply a toilet roll for your arrival but these are not replenished throughout your stay. These items can be purchased from the UEA Shop on campus.
  • Clothes and shoes - Bring some favourites, but don't forget that there are plenty of great shops in Norwich.
  • Books for your course - Shelf space is limited so just bring the books you need or can't bear to be without. There are several large shops in Norwich that you can buy books if you want to after you have arrived.
  • PC/Laptop/Tablet - You will need your own PC, laptop, or tablet if you want to use the network connection in your room. You can also access 24-hour computing in the Library IT suite, plus there's plenty of computing facilities available during the day right across campus.
  • Other electrical equipment - Electrical items you may wish to have in your room include an iron (ironing board provided in your flat), hairdryer, or shaver. You may wish to wait until you arrive before buying electrical items for the kitchen as flats can often end up with multiple kettles, irons and rice cookers. Some electrical items are not allowed in residences, and in particular items such as a fridge, microwave, mini-oven/grill, are strictly prohibited. If in any doubt, please check with us first.
  • Kitchen equipment - You'll need some pans, kitchen utensils (including a chopping board and knife), some crockery (plates, bowls, mugs) glasses and cutlery.
  • Bike - A bike is a convenient method of transport around Norwich, and there are some great second-hand shops to buy the perfect "getting around" bike. There are plenty of areas to lock up your bike close to the residences, but please note that bikes are not allowed anywhere inside the residences. There is also a 'Dr Bike' service on campus for bike checks and repairs. This is located next to Nelson Court.
  • Insurance - All students in an individual study bedroom will be automatically covered by the UEA block insurance. This offers basic insurance cover, which can be upgraded through Endsleigh if required.
  • Blanket and desk fan - The weather is unpredictable in the UK and there may be times where it is too hot or too cold in your room. Bringing a blanket and a desk fan is a great way to make sure you are prepared for all weather.

Items that are not permitted

  • Soft furnishings such as easy chairs, bean bags and floor cushions are a potential fire risk and are not permitted in residences.
  • Net curtains are not permitted.
  • Fridges are a potential fire risk and if too many were installed in residences could overload the electrical circuitry. Residents are only allowed a mini-fridge in their room on medical grounds. Permission must be obtained from the Accommodation Office in advance.
  • Heaters are a serious fire risk and are not permitted in residences.
  • Candles are a serious fire hazard and must not be brought into any part of the residences. University staff will confiscate any candles found - even if they are decorative and you do not intend to light them.
  • Pets are not allowed in residences: this includes fish, insects, and any other form of animal life.
  • Firearms, fireworks or other weapons (including air guns, fencing and archery equipment) are not permitted in residences.
  • Too many posters in a bedroom constitute a fire hazard, and we don't allow fabric to be hung in bedrooms for the same reason. Have a look at the Terms and Conditions regarding posters and fabrics, and bear this in mind when decorating your room.
  • Car-parking is heavily restricted on campus, and you will only be able to obtain a parking permit in exceptional circumstances. Residential areas around the University also have restrictions on parking, so you are advised not to bring a car with you. Please visit Travel and Transport for information about applying for a parking permit.
  • Smoking Pipes - Please do not bring any form of smoking pipe into the residences even if they are purely for decorative purposes. All forms of smoking are banned in all areas within UEA Accommodation.

Remember that you will have to carry your luggage at some point, so pack only as much as you can carry. We are unable to store luggage in advance or after you leave. It's a good idea to buy basic kitchen and electrical items in Norwich. These can either be sold or given to charity when you leave. Some residents prefer to wait until they're here so that they can buy items together as a flat (i.e. a 'flat kettle' for the kitchen). There is usually a pots and pans sale at the Student Union in September.

  • Pack any valuable items and documents in your hand luggage. Label your luggage clearly with your full name and address at UEA.
  • Weather in East Anglia is changeable, and you should prepare for rainy conditions in autumn, and cold weather in winter.

The electricity supply in the UK is 240 volts with a frequency of 50 Hertz. Make sure that your electrical appliances are connected to a British 3-pin plug fitted with a 13-amp fuse. Electrical equipment should be PAT tested to make sure it is safe to use.

Signing your licence commits you to paying for your room for the full licence period.

We allow a 7-day 'cooling off' period from the start of your licence. During the first 7 days you may cancel your accommodation without any liability for rent for the remaining period of the contract. You will only be charged for the days up to when you hand back your keys if this is within 7 days.

Please refer to Paragraph 3 of the Terms and Conditions of the Licence to Occupy for full details.

The 7-day cooling off period applies to new UEA students in the first tenancy period with UEA Accommodation arriving in September or January only.

Please note that you will be required to complete a 'Termination of Licence Form' and return it to the UEA Accommodation Office. However, after this period you are committed to living in your room and paying the licence fee for the whole of the licence period. Students on second and subsequent tenancy periods (or arriving at any other time of year) are committed to their contract from the time that they sign.

There is no damage deposit to pay. However, you will be charged for any damage to your room not attributable to fair wear and tear. In the case of communal areas, we contact residents of the flat/area to determine who was responsible for the damage. If no one admits responsibility, all residents of a particular flat or house will be charged for the cost of repair or replacement of damaged items.

Students currently living in campus accommodation can collect mail from the Post Room (located under the ARTS building) with a UEA Campus card, driving license or passport.

To have post or parcels delivered, please use the following format:

[Full Name]

[Campus Card Number]

[Residence - e.g. Nelson Court, Norfolk Terrace, Colman House]

[Block number*, Flat number and room number/letter - e.g. Suffolk Terrace Block B 0409]

University of East Anglia Norwich NR4 7TJ

(*if Norfolk or Suffolk Terrace)

Your flat number and room letter will be on your room offer email and your accommodation licence. Please note that while NR4 7TJ is the correct post code for addressing mail so that it will reach the Post Room, if you live in the University Village and need to use the post code to identify your address for official purposes (for example, to deal with TV licensing), you should quote the post code NR4 7TL.