More financial support options More financial support options

We are committed to ensuring that university tuition fees do not act as a barrier to those aspiring to come to a world leading university and so we have developed funding options to support a wide range of issues and needs. 

We offer a bursary scheme which supports all students with the relevant criteria and also offer numerous scholarship opportunities ensuring all students have access to learning.  

In addition to the wider support offered by scholarships and bursaries, students can access a UEA hardship fund in the event of unforeseen hardship and students can also apply for additional support from the government’s access to learning fund. 

Access to Learning Fund (ALF) for vulnerable students

The Access to Learning Fund is made available to universities by the Government to enable them to support vulnerable students. Although any home student who is full-time or at least 50% of full-time can apply, the Fund is intended in particular to:

Assist those who need extra financial help to meet particular costs not covered by statutory or other sources of funding.This includes:

  • Helping students in financial hardship
  • Providing emergency payments for unexpected crises
  • Helping where students are considering leaving because of financial problems

UEA Hardship Fund for students

All students are expected to ensure that they have sufficient funds (including Loans) to cover essential living costs before starting their course but we recognise that circumstances may change and that things may prove more expensive than anticipated. There are two hardship funds available to students at our University who, despite careful financial planning, find themselves in difficulty.

A single application form is available from the Student Support Service and you can apply at any time up to early-July (May for final year students). Any help you receive is usually non-repayable. Both undergraduates and postgraduates are eligible to apply for help.

Our Hardship Fund is available to help students who are not eligible for help from ALF. This means students who have been assessed as EU or Overseas for fees purposes.

Please note that the hardship fund cannot help with the cost of tuition fees.

For more information on any of the above please visit the Student Support Service website.

Future Finance

UEA is partnering with Future Finance to offer prospective students the opportunity to apply for a loan that could help to support the cost of studying.

Further details of eligibility requirements, interest rates and other key terms of the loan are available by visiting the Future Finance website. 

Please be aware that UEA does not offer financial advice or any recommendation or endorsement of any Future Finance product. You should always check the suitability of the product that is of interest to you. If you are in any doubt we suggest that you seek independent financial advice before applying for any loan or financial support.