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Module Guidance

  • Request at least 9 module options per semester of study. 

  • Ensure that modules requested are for the appropriate semester.

  • Autumn-only students must not select modules with exams.

  • A full courseload is 120 UCU per year (60 UCU per semester). This is usually equivalent to three modules per semester.

  • Erasmus+ students may select modules only within the subject area to which they have been nominated.

  • Non-Erasmus+ students must ensure that 2/3 of modules are in a single Faculty.

  • Japanese exchange students with IELTS 6.0 may request Language modules only.

  • Japanese exchange students with IELTS 6.5 and higher may select from all modules available to visiting students.


Please Note: 2015-16 listings for some modules are available in the left-hand menu.  

All module listings are provisional and subject to change.


2015-16 Visiting Student Module Catalogue


Faculty of Arts & Humanities 1 (AMA) (PDF Document)

Art, Media and American Studies

Faculty of Arts & Humanities 2 (HIS) (PDF Document)

History - Final year modules only available to History majors.

Faculty of Arts & Humanities 3 (LDC) (PDF Document)

Literature, Drama and Creative Writing - Spaces are extremely limited in final year modules. Students may request a maximum of two LDC modules per semester. Alternatives can be found in Art, Media and American Studies.

Faculty of Arts & Humanities 4 (PPL Languages) (PDF Document)

Language and Communication - Spaces are limited on translation modules.

Faculty of Arts & Humanities 5 (PPL Politics and Philosophy) (PDF Document)

Politics and Philosophy


Faculty of Social Sciences 1 (ECO) (PDF Document)

Economics - Autumn-only modules are limited.

Faculty of Social Sciences 2 (EDU) (2015-16 modules linked in left-hand menu)

Education - Modules with sport or classroom placements are not available.

Faculty of Social Sciences 3 (DEV) (PDF Document)

International Development

Faculty of Social Sciences 4 (LAW) (2015-16 modules linked in left-hand menu)

Law School

Faculty of Social Sciences 5 (NBS) (2015-16 modules linked in left-hand menu)

Norwich Business School - Primarily year-long modules available. Alternatives may be found in Economics.

Faculty of Social Sciences 6 (PSY) (2015-16 modules linked in left-hand menu)

Psychology - Limited to students majoring or minoring in Psychology, and dependent upon demand.


Faculty of Science 1 (BIO) (PDF Document)


Faculty of Science 2 (CHE) (2015-16 modules linked in left-hand menu)


Faculty of Science 3 (CMP) (PDF Document)

Computing Sciences - Autumn-only modules are limited.

Faculty of Science 4 (ENV) (PDF Document)

Environmental Sciences - Autumn-only modules are limited.

Faculty of Science 5 (MTH) (PDF Document)

Mathematics - No Autumn-only modules available.

Faculty of Science 6 (NATSCI) (2015-16 modules linked in left-hand menu)

Natural Sciences


Module Request Form

Please download and complete the Module Request Form and upload to your online application.