Meeting the challenges together Meeting the challenges together

See the great stuff that UEA has been doing with its partners locally and globally to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak and support our community.

Advice for new applicants and offer holders Advice for new applicants and offer holders

Will you be open for the start of the new academic year?

Yes we are still planning to welcome new students in late September. The majority of new students will start arriving from 19 September with the standard academic year starting on 28 September. Please check your offer email for your specific course start date.

If you can’t arrive in September, and your course allows, we’re offering flexible arrival options up to 26 October.  Digital learning resources will be available to access remotely until your arrival to ensure that you don’t fall behind.  

Is my offer still valid if my final exams and studies have been disrupted or cancelled?

We know and understand that many students have been unable to complete part of their studies, and exams have been cancelled. We will be honouring “calculated grades” awarded by exam boards and national governments so the confirmation process will be broadly similar to the previous years. 

We will apply the same principles if you are taking other qualifications – where grades are officially awarded by exam boards or national governments, we will accept these qualifications where they meet the conditions of our offer.

In all cases, we will be as flexible as we can with our minimum grade requirements and will take into account any impact on your final grades as a result of COVID-19 disruption and any exceptional circumstances you might face. 

What about my eligibility for Postgraduate courses? 

Again we recognise that exams and studies have been disrupted. Provided you have been awarded a certificate of completion for your current studies we will accept these qualifications as long as they meet the conditions of our offer. 

My course requires I do an interview or an audition how will that work?

Interviews for successfully selected applicants will be conducted online or on the phone. The Admissions Team will be in contact as soon as possible to organise this with you.

What will my university education look like?

We adapted quickly to deliver a new digital learning experience for our current students. This September we are seeking to provide as much face-to-face, interactive teaching as is safely and practicably possible, including small group teaching and workshops, one-to-one tutorials and practical laboratory and campus fieldwork sessions. We are expecting to deliver content from large lectures digitally with small group, face to face seminars, and discussions afterwards. 

We’ve been busy making our virtual learning experience even better with lots more engaging content, so you can be inspired by our experts online and on campus. This mix of face to face and quality online learning means we can quickly adapt to changing Government advice, so while your course might start this way we hope that over the coming months we will be able to move back to more normal university life.

How safe will I be at UEA? 

Student and staff safety is our number one priority. We’ve carried out enhanced cleaning and we have detailed safety arrangements for teaching, learning and the campus environment. We’ve created new learning spaces, and adapted teaching rooms and communal areas to make social distancing possible in lessons and when you’re walking around. We’ve changed our timetable and introduced one-way systems and marked areas to help maintain social distancing. There are increased hygiene facilities, and hand sanitising stations are being installed at key locations. 

Will I be able to move into my campus accommodation?

Yes. All students planning to come to UEA this September are guaranteed accommodation and can apply for accommodation by 31 July 2020. At the moment we are expecting all students allocated a room, to be able to arrive and live on campus as planned at the end of September. We will be working on a staged arrival plan from 19 September to ensure that you will be able to move into your room in a safe and distanced way. We will continue to follow Government guidance and sector wide good practice to ensure that our residences remain safe places to live while you study with us. 

What about campus life?

UEA is a set in 360 acres of beautiful green parkland, with cycle paths, walking trails and wildlife. You will have the space to explore and relax safely on a large self-contained campus. You can walk to your tutorials and classes. Almost all your student needs are catered for on campus, from a large food shop with post office, a medical centre with doctors and dentists, bank, pharmacy and Waterstones book shop. Historic Norwich city centre is a 15 minute bike ride away.

We are also home to Sportspark one of the most successful community sports facilities in the UK. We anticipate this will be open in some form by the autumn so you can enjoy many of their great facilities.

We will be following Government guidance regarding our campus cafés, restaurants and bars, offering “grab and go” - with safety restrictions – by the autumn. We are working closely with our Student Union colleagues to make sure that the social aspect of your time is as close to what you would expect. 

How can I see the campus and accommodation if I can’t actually visit?

We are holding an online event for our prospective Medical School applicants in June and a virtual open day for everyone in July. You will be able to chat to students and lecturers and find out more about your subject and our amazing campus. We are planning to run other events from September on campus – while carefully monitoring the Government restrictions. You can register for these events now.

You can also take a virtual tour of campus, including the accommodation and the city of Norwich, as well as hear from current students about life at UEA. 

There’s also our “Ask a Student” platform to find out first-hand from current students what it’s like living and learning at UEA. Some of our current students have also hit the headlines recently for recreating our famous campus on the computer game Minecraft

I’m an international student. What happens if I’m unable to arrive to campus on time or if I’m affected by travel restrictions? 

We hope that you will be able to physically join us in September, but if that’s not possible we are pleased to be able to offer our international students flexible arrival options up to 26 October. Digital learning resources will be available to access remotely, until your arrival, to ensure that you don’t fall behind. 

If you have on campus accommodation, this will be held and there will be no additional cost.

We are hopeful that any travel restrictions in place globally will be eased by September and we are closely monitoring the situation whilst following Government guidance.  If there is a need for additional quarantine measures we are investigating the option of full self-isolated accommodation close to the university. 

Are you changing your English language requirements for this September?

We recognise that many of our future students have missed out on some of their additional English language training before joining us. Given these exceptional circumstances we are modifying our International English Language Training System (IELTS) requirements for a number of our courses. These changes will apply for the September 2020 intake only.  We are also providing extra in-sessional English language tuition to all of our international students. 

We are also aware that some of our future students are experiencing difficulties in sitting for IELTS tests. As such we have reviewed our list of alternative qualifications to include TOEFL, Pearsons, Duolingo and Password. See a full breakdown of our revised requirements.

I already have an English qualification which falls short of your requirements. Is there any pre-sessional courses that I can take?  

We recommend that you take one of our pre-sessional English courses.  These are available online, including the 8 and 12 week courses which are designed specifically to improve your English to our entry level standard.  

UEA is offering students a full refund for these programmes in the form of a progressions award.  This award will be deducted from your degree tuition fees should you progress onto an undergraduate or postgraduate programme at UEA. You can find out more on our pre-sessional English page

UEA has international overseas support staff in China, India, Nigeria, the US, Malaysia and Vietnam, to help with any specific enquiries you might have. You can also contact the UEA International Office.

My course has a study abroad year or a semester abroad option, what happens with that?

We would expect that any travel restrictions would be relaxed by the time you are taking up any abroad placements. Once you have begun your course with UEA you will be contacted by the Study Abroad team and they will update you on the situation.

What about extra-curricular opportunities outside of my studies?

UEA is a community, inclusive and supportive of everyone. There are still plenty of things you can get involved with that will help you grow as a person and enjoy new experiences. There’s the UEA Award which will equip you with the skills for life and work after university, student citizenship and virtual exchanges and research groups.  When things get a bit more normal you can make the most of student societies, sports clubs, work placements, volunteering opportunities.


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