Eligibility Eligibility

Eligible courses

An eligible course for Federal Loans at UEA is a degree-granting programme, such as BA, BSc, MA, MFA, MSc, MPhil or PhD, studied on at least a half-time basis.

We are currently not eligible to certify loans for students on the following programmes:

  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
  • Foundation, Certificate, Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma
  • Distance or correspondence education courses
  • Programmes that require a compulsory period of study abroad or internship

Individual eligibility

Your eligibility for a loan and loan amount is assessed by the University, based on the information you provide in your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Cost of Attendance (COA) set by the University.  The actual amount that you may be eligible to receive will take into account any Expected Family Contribution (EFC) or Estimated Financial Assistance (EFA).

You must meet the criteria set by the US Department of Education to be eligible for US loans. The basic eligibility criteria are listed on the Federal Student Aid website.

Students who are US citizens or permanent residents are able to apply for Federal Aid if they have accepted an offer of a place on an eligible course at the University. You must hold a Conditional Firm offer from the University to start the loan process. To originate your loan, you must hold an Unconditional Firm offer.