The University of East Anglia (UEA) is a campus based university with a student population of 15,000 and is home to more than 4000 International and EU students from over 120 countries.

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Kazakh Student Ambassador

Hi! I am Dalel Makhsut and I am an International Development with Economics student at UEA. I am an international student from Almaty, Kazakhstan who has been in the UK for more than 6 years, studying GCSEs and A levels before university. I chose UEA because it is one of the best universities for International Development not only in the UK but in the world, with very high employability rates offering an opportunity of Development with Overseas Experience. I really enjoy my course because even though my main focus is on Economics that involves statistical and micro/macro economical knowledge, I also get a chance to do various different modules across different schools. For example, I am also taking politics modules which I think are also important as economics and politics are very closely related but last year I had anthropology, geography and natural resources modules, allowing me to learn other aspects of development and showing great flexibility of the course.

I enjoy the academic system at UEA.  The teaching staff are very approachable, knowledgeable and full of enthusiasm to share their knowledge with you. Studying International Development requires knowledge of various theories and case studies that either support or contradict them and we learn about them during lectures with a deeper focus and practice during the workshops and seminars. There are so many different places and people you can go to if you need help in your studies or anything else: the Hubs, Student Support Service, personal advisors, lecturers… so there is always someone who can help you.

I also do many different activities outside the studies at our 24/7 UEA library. Sports are very important to me and I chose UEA because here there are so many different sport clubs and UEA is one of the best universities for sport facilities having a 50m Olympic size pool, an 8-lane athletics track, 6 tennis courts and 40 acres of playing fields, a climbing wall, a newly equipped gym and much more. I love playing tennis, swimming, golf and also enjoy ballroom dancing. At UEA almost every single students does some kind of a sport and represents university in different local and national competitions which teach you teamwork, leadership, organisation and determination.

At UEA there are more than 350 different societies and clubs that vary from cultural to academic, showing amazing diversity at the university. There are also many places where you can eat, socialise and enjoy your time on campus such as Campus Kitchen, Ziggys and INTO café. Norwich itself is a very lovely, peaceful and interesting town which reminds me a lot of Amsterdam especially the riverside with its gothic architecture. I think it a great place for students because you get both worlds, life on campus and life in the city.

I am happy that I made a choice to come to UEA and get a chance to meet so many different people, to obtain useful knowledge and get to do so many different things at the societies, clubs and at the university in general.

If you have any questions about UEA or life in the UK feel free to email me at or at our Kazakh Students at UEA facebook page. I look forward hearing from you!

We are not currently attending any international study fairs in your country.  Please keep checking this page for details of future events.

If you are planning a trip to the UK, why not come and pay us a visit?

The University offers Visit Days and Campus Tours throughout the year. Our tours are geared towards giving international visitors the opportunity to experience our unique surroundings and first-class facilities. Have a look at Campus Views to get a feel for the campus.

We apologise if we do not have specifics of entry requirements for your country. We do actively encourage applicants from all countries and are pleased to promote diversity among students on campus.

Those completing 12 years of education at the end of secondary school with good results will usually be considered for entry onto the International Foundation course which will then lead to entry onto Undergraduate courses.

Those completing 13 years of education at the end of secondary school will usually be considered for direct entry onto Undergraduate courses.  For those not meeting entry requirements in certain subjects, the INTO Diploma course may be an option which then may lead to year 2 of Undergraduate courses.

Those completing an Undergraduate degree will usually be considered for entry onto Masters programmes.

Those completing a Masters degree will usually be considered for Research degrees (MPhil, PhD).

All applicants to the University of East Anglia must be able to demonstrate an acceptable level of English language before they can be admitted onto any course or programme.

Undergraduate - English Language Requirements

Test Score
PTE 55

Postgraduate Taught and Research - English Language Requirements

Test Score
PTE 62

Academic English Assistance

For those not meeting the above academic and/or English language requirements for direct entry, INTO University of East Anglia offers a wide range of Academic Preparation and English Language Programmes designed to assist applicants enter UEA degree courses.

UEA works with partners around the world to promote our programmes and provide a service to students applying to the University.  These partners have been carefully selected and we provide regular training to ensure that UEA is accurately represented and that the applicant experience is good. If you are unhappy with an aspect of your applicant experience,  please contact us.

Approved Agents

BSc Economics

Salem! My name is Assel and I studied BSc Economics at UEA. Education has always been a priority to me this is why choosing the right university was a big step. My decision to choose UEA was because of several reasons; such as its location, campus environment, the reputation of the University courses and most importantly the diverse international culture. Most of the students at UEA would agree with me in the above points and probably add more.
University of East Anglia is known as one of the top universities in the UK, especially very famous for its humanities and science faculties, which include drama, creative writing, pharmacy and environmental sciences. But university offers over 350 courses and all of them achieved academic excellence.

In 2012 UEA was ranked top 150 in the World universities, and constantly comes top 10 for students' satisfaction. Although British education system involves more independent study, UEA provides a lot of contact hours between the student to academics through tutorials and workshops, where students can ask for advices and help. The Dean of Students' Office offers help to International students for academic writing skills and improving their English language skills. UEA takes care of its students in all aspects possible.

I personally love the university campus. You will fall in love with the campus as soon as you walk thought it. Campus has beautiful lake, a forest, home to variety animal species and have over 3500 rooms for students to live in. Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts is a gallery and a museum which is situated in the heart of the campus and attracts many world class art exhibitions. "Sportspark" is one of the biggest University sport Centres in the UK with amazing Olympic size swimming pool, football pitches, tennis courts and more. Campus has many facilities such as shops, restaurants, banks and post office.

UEA also offers great social life to the students. Most of the students are involved in diverse extra circular activities to meet new people and find new hobbies or just relax. There are many clubs and societies and one of them is our beloved Kazakh Students' Society. Kazakh Society organizes number of social events throughout the year, such as Independence Day of Kazakhstan, Nauryz, Kazak students welcome party and more. Every year Students Union organises big cultural event "Global week" where all 130 societies represent their cultures to everyone.

UEA is located in Norwich city with is a historical and medieval city in the UK. It is famous for being the most cultural city in UK with its outstanding 11th century Cathedral and Norwich city is just under 2 hour away from London by train. Norwich is also the safest and greenest city in the UK.

You will always find some fun things to do in the city. It has big shopping Centres, a few cinemas, a lot of restaurants and overall city has its own unique atmosphere.

Overall, for the past three years that I have spent at University of East Anglia, I have never regretted my choice and so far it has been the most extraordinary time of my life.


I am Alina Maximova, a second year student studying Society, Culture and Media.

My course was not the first decision to be made here.  When I first came to the UK to study in INTO my choice was Business and Economics   as both of my parents are involved in that field I thought that it would be the best degree to study in achieving my goals. Throughout my study in INTO I realised that  I wanted to do  journalism and with the help and support of UEA’s staff  I got to know that there is such a course  as  Society, Culture and Media  that  allows  to study  not only contemporary  media, but how  it is connected  to culture, society and politics. The course has a great range of modules such as the study of philosophy, culture, society, media, journalism, cinema, TV and languages.  BA Society, Culture and Media involves a lot of writing, but it also encourages  team work that helps to develop such valuable skills as  critical thinking and quick problem solving  that will certainly help  in  a future career.    

At university we have both lectures and seminars. In the lectures we usually listen to a new topic in a big group of people whereas in the seminars we work in a smaller group of people talking about different issues and of course debating about them.  Many international students find it hard to adapt to British academic life but as soon as you try it you will realise that it is really flexible and understandable.

Besides the academic life, a social life at UEA is very rich and exciting.  There are more than 200 clubs and societies. That is why when you come to UEA you will definitely find a club/ society that will suit your interest. If not, you can always open your own club or society   by simply applying to the Union of Students whose stuff are always welcome to help.  If you are more interested in sport activities, you are welcome to join Sportspark- the biggest sport centre in England which is located on the UEA campus.

Norwich itself is one of the most beautiful cities in England with its churches, castle and of course shopping centres.  There are many cosy cafes and restaurants that are pretty affordable for students.   

My experience at UEA has been fabulous and I am very happy I have chosen this university. 


MSc Advanced Business Management

I am Artyom Golossenko, I studied a Masters in Advance Business Management at UEA. I chose UEA for studying a Master degree because I was looking for a course that would provide opportunities to investigate business and social research methods as well as understand the comprehensive nature of the business management.

The university campus is one of the things that encouraged me to stay and study at UEA. The campus provides various facilities such as stores, cafes and coffee shops that make it easier to live on the campus. In addition there is a significant number of studying areas across the campus, where students can focus on their studies in a quiet and comfortable environment. The academic approach at UEA has taught me to think critically, make analytical decisions and solve complicated problems. The study process has never been so enjoyable as everyone in the university is very supportive, friendly and ready to share their knowledge and experience with me.

In terms of social life it is really simple to find new friends, as there are almost 200 societies and clubs run by students and you will definitely find the one that suits your interests the most. At the same time students are very friendly, just don’t be shy. Apart from socialising, it is also good to keep yourself in a good physical shape, and for that reason you should join Sportspark, which is the biggest indoor sports centre in England, located on the university campus.

Norwich is one of the most attractive cities in the United Kingdom. It has beautiful historical architecture as well as great shopping, cultural, musical and nightlife areas. Whether you are interested in music festivals or art exhibitions, the city always has something to offer you. Norwich with the lowest crime rate in England is also known as one of the safest cities.

My experience at UEA has been incredibly rewarding and UEA is a great place to start or continue your academic path.




I am Shahzada Ibragimova; I am doing my Bachelor degree in Biomedicine at UEA. I have chosen UEA amongst lots of different Universities, as It is included in top 20 UK Universities, to be exact it is number 17 according to Guardian, plus UEA  has one of the best science departments in the country, and a big number of researches are taking place in UEA laboratories, which are significant for all science world,  also UEA been chosen as possessing the highest student satisfactory amongst students in UK, which is true, as here you can feel strong community between, students and all staff of university, plus I do enjoy the atmosphere of studying here.

My UEA pathway started in 2011, as an INTO student at UEA I did AS level and then Foundation course which led me to my Biomedicine degree in University. During two years in INTO I have gained and developed a big number of useful skills, like organising time management, writing essays, lab reports, giving presentation and speaks, and it was extremely helpful time as I can judge now being a university student. As a current UEA student I would like to say that I am really enjoying my course, as it combines itself different areas of Biology and Medicine. We have a number of lectures during the week and afterwards seminars upon lecture topics, also I want to mention the work in laboratory, I always work in team so this helps me to develop team working skills, and it is actually more fun. All material from lectures and seminars, plus extra educational posts can be found in blackboard that is specifically organised by each person upon his course. So there is always different ways to manage your studying through blackboard, with seminars leaders, lecturers, classmates and library which has all facilities for best study time. Moreover apart from studying I am spending my time in different societies, like Debate society, or Bio Students society, what allows me to meet new people and have a nice time with them.

I am currently living on campus what is extremely convenient as all facilities as Sports Park and Library are in 10 minutes walk from my residence. Plus of all life on campus are completely differs from life in rent house, as you will never feel alone and you really feel the business and movement of all university, either it's a massive party in LCR or meeting nearby UEA lake. Norwich is a beautiful and safe city to live, there are big number of shopping stores, restaurants of different cuisines, football stadium for sport fans and a lot of more.

As a bottom line I want to say that UEA is a big step to your own success in life.

Raissa and Mariya

BSc Business Finance and Economics

Hello! We are, Mariya and Raissa. We are studying bachelor degree at the Economics school. 

Well, in choosing UEA influenced several reasons. UEA holds the leading position in the ranking of British universities and is in the top 30 universities in Europe. UEA also have the wide range of education subdivisions, such as: pharmacy and pharmacology; mathematics; electronics and computer technology; economics; law; business; art; etc.

So, first of all it was faculty. At the university we found quite interesting faculty, named Business Finance and Economics, with the mix of business and economics modules.

Secondly, it was Norwich city. We found Norwich as a perfect place for study, especially it is important for many "Boloshak" students, with noiseless, beautiful and friendly atmosphere. Norwich city can be described as a city with a lively cosmopolitan atmosphere, the lowest crime rates and unemployment rate.  Shopping is one of the main attractions in Norwich as you would be able to find almost everything that you need. It is only 2 hours away from London.

Thirdly, it was UEA campus and student life. In the other words, the campus location gives a great opportunity for hard working, as one of us scholarship holder student, this fact was really important for us.   UEA campus is the comfortable place with many different facilities: Extensive university computer network of many terminals, Vast library, located in the centre of campus (many books, articles, journals, reading rooms, computers, internet resources, special materials, videotapes, DVD's and music), The largest sport complex "Sports Park" with a swimming pool, sports hall, gym, badminton court, Gym weightlifting, indoor soccer stadium, a playground for baseball, etc. The Sainsbury Centre of Art with art gallery, theatre, film society, the publication of student newspapers and magazines, television and radio productions, The large number of student societies and clubs (Law Society, drama club, photo mugs, ballroom dancing, etc.). You can find the Kazakh society as well.

Hope to see you all in UEA!


MSc Business Management

decided to study at UEA because of many reasons. UEA is a great university in the UK and has an outstanding reputation for academic excellence and social life. Norwich Business School is also highly esteemed school and offers many programmes within the business field. UEA located in the outskirts of the city called Norwich which earned the places as the "greenest' city in the UK two years running. And for ladies, it would be interesting to know that Norwich is 5th greatest place for shopping in Britain. Norwich is a very beautiful medieval city and we are surrounded with beautiful scenery and nature. The UEA lake which can be seen from your hall of residence, old historical churches in the city centre, Weston Park and Great Yarmouth are very close.

There is a lot to do in Norwich and particularly at UEA. UEA International Student Society offers range of social activities. UEA have many different student societies, I think it will be almost impossible for anyone to get bored at UEA.

One can find all the necessary facilities at UEA, library, canteens, restaurants, coffee shops, Waterstone bookshop, post office, laundry service and fun places such as Hive, LCR and Cinema. UEA has a very active career services which organises range of activities for international students to find employment during their studies and after completion of their degree. UEA is renowned for having friendly campus atmosphere. I feel very involved in UEA student's life. I enjoy living in Norwich and studying at UEA.


Norwich Law School

My travel to the UEA was rather long and tiresome, because of some unlucky circumstances, however I was greatly surprised by the good organization and arrangement of the university staff despite of my very late arrival. Although I arrived at 11.00 pm I was able to get my keys and necessary stuff and was driven to my room by car. I was also amazed when a university officer has offered to carry my heavy bags till my room. It was a very pleasant feeling after a long, tiring and exhausting trip from Almaty to Norwich via London (Heathrow).

The next day I was happy to experience more nice things at the university. The weather was lovely and so was the environment. The UEA campus has appeared to be very cosy, beautiful, green and clean with all the facilities available on campus, including shops, bookshop, post office, laundry, banks and pubs. The sweet rabbits jumping everywhere and birds singing added to this fantastic picture.

My academic year passed very quickly. Staying on campus enabled me to enjoy a real student life and feel myself as a part of international community. I always used buses to go to town centre and had no problem as they were always punctual.

My student life was very different from what I have experienced in my country. Self-development, hard work, intense reading of course related materials will significantly contribute to your success in studies. However, at the same time you should possess a great degree of self-confidence and good speaking skills, since the most of subjects in Law School are taught in a so-called "Socratic Dialogue" method, when you are required to read and prepare assigned materials then to be discussed in the class between a lecturer and a student. A good time management and ability to work with electronic sources, as well as books are necessary pre-conditions for writing a successful coursework. You have to improve your writing skills, including ability to write concisely and coherently both for course works and exams, because the exams in the UK are taken in written form.

Library facilities are very modern and useful, the only problem is to get the necessary book for writing a coursework, because the demand within the assignment period is very high and it is good to have friends from the same course, they help with lending their books and notes.

Life is life and you have a lot of opportunities to enjoy it in the UEA. You can spend time in the library, in the sports park with plenty of sport facilities, in different clubs and student societies, including International Student Society which is a great organizer of fantastic events and funny parties or you can communicate with other international students and exchange your cultural and educational experiences, while improving your language and telling them about your own country. I was very happy to experience all these and greatly benefited from my stay in the UEA.

I will miss my friends and my room when I am back home.

School of Economics

I am doing my MSc in Finance and Economics at UEA. I have really enjoyed my staying here. As for my course in particular, I can say that it is a great opportunity for those who interested in experimental economics, financial mathematics and/or econometrics. And what is more, a friendly environment here on campus makes my study more interesting. Before, I have studied at universities in Kazakhstan as well as in US and now I have tried UEA and have to say it is definitely worth to experience it!

School of Environmental Sciences

I studied MSc in Environmental Sciences. Since the graduation I have been working in major oil and gas exploration and production projects in Kazakhstan, as well as in the national oil company in the positions of environmental and safety engineer/advisor. My education at the UEA helped me a lot in my career.


MSc Business Management

I am Anel Zhunussova, a Master student studying Business Management at UEA.   I have chosen UEA because UEA is a UK top 15 university, ranking 14th according to Guardian University Guide and is one of the best universities in the UK for student satisfaction according to the 2015 Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey. Another factor which played a great role in choosing this University is that I have been rewarded a scholarship. Before coming to the University, I did a great deal of research and received only positive feedback from alumni and other sources.

All my expectations on student life have been met and it is definitely the right decision to study at this University. From the first days at UEA, I have received great support from the arrivals team and I participated in all the events during Fresher's week. The UEA campus is very beautiful and provides all facilities to study and live in a good atmosphere. You can find everything on campus: library, laundrette, restaurants, cafes and a bank. My academic life at UEA is also very productive and through diverse teaching methods I am gaining a good knowledge of business. At UEA there is always someone to help you in your difficulties; whether it is the Professors, Teaching Office, Dean of Student’s Office or the Resident Tutor.

All students at UEA are very friendly and open, so you can make a lot of friends from different countries and have a good time with them. To meet different people you can join different social and sport societies/clubs which is also a great experience of student life. During the year the University and societies organise different kind of events such as the International Student Parties, dancing competition, movie screenings and a lot of other festivals.

Norwich is a beautiful and safe city to live in. There are many places in the centre with shopping, restaurants, football stadium for sport fans and a lot of more. You can also visit a number of historical and beautiful places around the Norfolk area.

In conclusion, I would say that UEA is a great choice and you will receive a great experience of student life and be prepared for your future career path.

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Kazakhstan Postgraduate (Taught) Masters Scholarships 2018/19

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