The University of East Anglia (UEA) is a campus based university with a student population of 15,000 and is home to more than 4000 International and EU students from over 120 countries.

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Azerbaijani Student Ambassador

My name is Kamala and I am an Accounting and Finance student in UEA. I chose UEA because of its high ratings in the Business field and because of its comfortable location. My academic life at UEA is very productive as Norwich Business School provides us with a wide range of useful and interesting modules. Second year is very exciting as I get to know better my futures profession and I feel more confident in my choice to study accounting and finance. Teaching staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Lecturers and seminar leaders help me to improve my analytical and practical skills through different assignments and study cases. Working in groups in seminars helps me to increase my team-working and leadership skills. Seminars and lectures not only give you theoretical knowledge but also share practical matters about how it all works in the real world. At UEA there is always someone available to help. Besides responsive professors, the teaching office and the Dean of Students, each student has a personal adviser who is ready to advise you on any issue.

There are many facilities on campus that make my life in UEA easier and more entertaining. UEA Library works 24/7 and provides students with computers and silent study areas. I can always find any book I’m looking for in the library and borrow it for a short-term. Laundrette operates 24/7 as well and it’s super comfortable in terms of location. There are four launderettes on campus and each of them has washing and drying machines. Campus kitchen located right in the middle of the UEA Square and serves three-course wide range meals on weekdays. Student Union Shop, Barclays Bank, Career Central, Ziggy’s, Bar and Union Café can be found on the square as well. Sportspark offers various kinds of sports and activities for students including swimming and rock climbing. Sainsbury Centre of Visual Arts is one of the most prominent university art galleries in Britain. And of course UEA Lake – the most peaceful and beautiful place on campus.

Apart from my studies, life at UEA is really interesting and exciting. Living on campus is such a great opportunity to make many international friends and enjoy spending time together at UEA and in Norwich. Here I can fully enjoy my social life with friends. A great part of social life experience in UEA is joining societies. More than 350 societies and clubs with absolutely different goals, activities and events. Attending various events and parties adds bright colours to my university life and leaves good memories for years to come. Norwich itself is very nice and pleasant city with a relaxed atmosphere.  There are a number of historical and beautiful places not too far from the campus to visit with friends. In addition, Norwich is one of the safest place in UK.

Today I am fully satisfied to be a part of the University of East Anglia and Norwich Business School and I look forward to another exciting year in my life.

If you have any questions about life in the UK and studying at UEA, please get in touch with me at or contact me on Facebook using the link above.  I look forward to hearing from you!


We are not currently attending any international study fairs in your country.  Please keep checking this page for details of future events.

If you are planning a trip to the UK, why not come and pay us a visit?

The University offers Visit Days and Campus Tours throughout the year. Our tours are geared towards giving international visitors the opportunity to experience our unique surroundings and first-class facilities. Have a look at Campus Views to get a feel for the campus.

We actively encourage applicants from all countries and are pleased to promote diversity among students on campus.

Those completing 12 years of education at the end of secondary school with good results will usually be considered for entry onto the International Foundation course which may then lead to entry onto Undergraduate courses.

Those completing 13 years of education at the end of secondary school will usually be considered for direct entry onto Undergraduate courses. For those not meeting entry requirements in certain subjects, the INTO International Year One may be an option which then may lead to year 2 of Undergraduate courses.

Those completing an Undergraduate degree will usually be considered for entry onto Masters programmes.

Those completing a Masters degree will usually be considered for Research degrees (MPhil, PhD).

All applicants to the University of East Anglia must be able to demonstrate an acceptable level of English language before they can be admitted onto any course or programme.

Undergraduate - English Language Requirements

Test Score
PTE 55

Postgraduate Taught and Research - English Language Requirements

Test Score
PTE 62

Academic English Assistance

For those not meeting the above academic and/or English language requirements for direct entry, INTO University of East Anglia offers a wide range of Academic Preparation and English Language Programmes designed to assist applicants enter UEA degree courses.

UEA works with partners around the world to promote our programmes and provide a service to students applying to the University.  These partners have been carefully selected and we provide regular training to ensure that UEA is accurately represented and that the applicant experience is good. If you are unhappy with an aspect of your applicant experience, please contact us.

Approved UEA agents in Azerbaijan:


BSc Business Management

My name is Asad Huseynov, and I am from Azerbaijan. I am a second year student at the University of East Anglia studying Business Management. I will briefly describe my first impressions of UEA, my experiences as a first year student and the obstacles I came across during the first months in the UK, as well as the opportunities and services which you may enjoy and experience during your curriculum.

UEA is wonderful, as well as feasible, and makes a considerable effort to accommodate for all of its students. I remember when I came to the university; the coach dropped me near the Security Lodge on campus, and understandably I was incredibly nervous and apprehensive. I then noticed the Sports Park; the huge size and innovative design of the building and the multitude of people walking in and out amazed me.  The Sports Park offers students many types of sports and activities, including climbing, fencing, squash, as well as a gym hall, and athletics track and a swimming pool.

Students out of the UK and out of the EU, like myself, may face some difficulties as far as the education system is concerned. I found that the education system in UEA was entirely different to the education I received in Azerbaijan. Thanks to the introduction week for students, I was able to gain a better understanding of my course and the environment in which I would be working and learning in. The introduction week explained to students the objective of their chosen course, the content of the modules which will be taken during the first year, and gave the student a chance to meet and talk with their personal advisers, who offer support and advice regarding the course, problems occurring within the course, and the adaptation to university life as a whole.

In addition to the support and guidance offered by the university, the location of the accommodation to the lecture theatres, library and seminar rooms makes it easy for students to enjoy sleeping a little bit more! Students living on campus are never more than a short walk from their lecture theatre or seminar class. There is a real sense of community spirit on the UEA campus and there is always chance to socialise and meet different people from completely different walks of life.

A student may spend his or her leisure time effectively here. You can become a member of numerous sport clubs and social organisations and enjoy your time, whilst making new friends. Twice a week there are student nights held by the university, on campus in the LCR, which allow you to unwind and relax after a tiring day of studying. Students can watch football games on a big screen in the pub whilst playing some pool. You may enjoy picnics or jogs round the lake or in the forest on campus. The rabbits add more beauty to the nature of UEA territory- there's a reason they are the UEA mascots! You may feel like you live in the heart of nature, whilst catching up with your friends, discussing one of the course modules, or planning on relaxing at the next LCR night.

Norwich is the largest city in East Anglia, however it is relatively quiet and small compared to the major cities in the UK.  Norwich attains a certain tranquillity and calmness. Students are able to reach the charming city centre and other parts of the city by regular buses from UEA in around 20 minutes. The crime rate in Norwich is fairly low, compared to many other cities in the UK.

I am really pleased that I am a student at the University of East Anglia. Not only have I been able to make great friendships and meet so many different people from different cultures and backgrounds, I am really satisfied with my course and the progress I am making. My lecturers and seminar leaders are very qualified and experienced and I believe strong teachers and a strong and inspiring environment, makes a student become even more interested in studying..

Finally, if you want to study in an environment which will inspire and development your particular passion, you should consider choosing to study at UEA. As well as studying in such an encouraging environment, the University of East Anglia is a place to build new friendships with people from all over the world, and allow you to gain real independence and maturity as a student living in the UK.

You can also contact Kanin, our Azerbaijan student ambassador, to ask about life at UEA.


BSc Business Management

UEA is one of the leading universities in UK. As we know there are lots of students coming from different parts of the world to study here. Before choosing UEA, I had other offers from other perspective universities. But I considered picking UEA after all, and now I am happy that I have picked this Uni.

Firstly, UEA has an excellent education system which can be found difficultly in other universities. Large, comfortable lecture theatres, lectures by professors or chief-employees of well-known companies, practical and interesting seminars held by experienced teachers, different presentations based on a group work makes UEA very different from other universities. Such kinds of group works form an ability of working together as a team. The assessment of modules is checked in different ways such as essays, tests and other computational works, and also unseen exams. There are very strict rules on assignments and exams; for example, plagiarism is one of the main factors that is needed to be considered by students. I think the UEA library is one of the best. You can find any kind of books in this library and you don't need to look for a book shelve by shelve, as you can find the place of book from library catalogue in every computer. There are different study zones in the library such as silent, quiet or group study zones and also, there are separate carrels which only can be accessed by the holder of its key. The large IT zones in the library help you search the materials for study or check your Student Portal of UEA. The environment in the library is simply excellent; it makes you study more and more, as you see other studying students. That is why I always prefer to come to the library and study here, instead of studying at home.

Secondly, after studying there are huge numbers of activities held by Union of UEA students that help you spend your time effectively. You can easily be member of any clubs and societies. There are different societies that make parties, events to gather the students together. I have participated in lots of events held by these societies such as "Sushi night", "Indian night" or "International party". For instance, in the "International party" there were different students from different countries demonstrating their cultures. We also opened our society: The UEA Azerbaijan Society. We hope the number of students coming from Azerbaijan will increase every year and we also, will make some events to make the students aware of our culture, tradition and history. I also want to mention Sports Park at UEA. There are large Olympic pool, Gym hall, football, basketball, tennis halls etc. in the Sports Park.

As we know UEA is situated in the Norwich city. The city is not so big and noisy city as London. The University is not so far from city centre. It takes just 20 minutes by bus to get to the city centre.  Also there is a big lake in the University where most of students go to play, walk around it or, just to rest. The campus of the University is big comparing it other big universities of UK. There are food outlet, paper shop, travel shop, post office, career centre, restaurants, cafes, pub and etc. Actually there is no need to go out of campus because all the minimal needs of students can be met here.

Finally, I would say to all the students who have an offer or who want to apply to UEA that they will never get disappointed if they choose this University.



I'm Kanan Mehdizade, undergraduate student at University of East Anglia.

I spent lots of time on my way to making the right choice of university.  My past academic records allowed me to choose from a range of top UK universities and I came up with UEA.  The University supports me in all aspects of academic and social life.  Getting the most out of your university experience requires effective time management.   My choice was to study finance and accounting.  I would like to say big a thank you to Norwich Business School (NBS) and all the educational facilities at UEA.

My academic life at UEA matches the targets I set before starting my educational path.  I learned how to think creatively and critically without any external assistance. The finance and accounting course enabled me to understand deeply the most current issues in both the theoretical and practical side of finance and accountancy.  I enrolled in seminars, presentations and talks given by people from industry on a daily basis.  UEA gave me all the mentoring and guidance I needed to understand my field of studies and gain some further knowledge about it. UEA always provides you with the opportunity to learn by yourself and to get feedback from your professors or seminar leaders. The teaching style is flexible and allows you to question and find the answers by discussion and reflexion.   Additional reasons for choosing NBS are the exemptions from certain professional examinations and teaching by a wide range of professionals both from industry and the academic world, which have   built me up as a professional and academic person.

Nothing else gives you the passion to learn and study as much as the social environment surrounding you.  UEA is well known for its campus facilities and provides for all the needs you could possibly have.  Campus Kitchen, LCR concert hall, student union, the shop, sports park – these all add to student life on a daily basis. Apart from the campus, the city itself is very convenient and close to the University. By convenient, I mean all the shopping, restaurant and entertainment places are very close to one another, so that you don't need to spend so much time exploring.  You could either be a movie fan or prefer to spend your time partying - you have chosen the right place to live in.

I have worked hard to get the most out of my three years here and I wish you luck if you decide to take this exciting opportunity.

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