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International Office                                  
University of East Anglia
Norwich Research Park
Norwich NR4 7TJ

Tel: +44 1603 593280

International Office Staff

Ms Karen Blackney

Head of International Office

Mr Craig Smitherman

Assistant Head of International Recruitment

Ms Victoria Isherwood

Assistant Head of International Recruitment

Ms Nilu Rashidova

Country Development Manager

Central & Southern Asia, International recruitment in UK

Ms Tracey Hearn

Country Development Manager

East Asia

Mr Mark Bentley                           

Country Development Manager

Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa

Ms Basma Hakim                                   

Country Development Officer

Middle East, Turkey

Mr Jack Whaley

Country Development Officer

East Africa, Southern Africa and Mauritius

Mr Bradley Farrow

Country Development Officer

Russia, Norway, International Recruitment in UK

Ms Dan Li

Strategic Engagement Manager




International Office Staff based Overseas

Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau

Ella Zhang

Regional Manager

Mainland China and Taiwan

Jeremy Qian

Country Development Officer


Akhil Bagga

Country Development Officer


Deborah Okoh

International Liaison Officer

North America

Pete Ryan

Country Development Manager

Alana Stuart

Country Development Officer

South East Asia

Carolyn Leong

Regional Office Manager

Amalina Husni

Regional Liaison Officer


Regional Liaison Officer


International Programmes (CIPO) and Study Abroad (SAO)

Mrs Alexandra Cole

Assistant Head of International Programmes


Mrs Anna Violante

International Partnerships Manager

Ms Clementine Jones

European Partnerships Manager

Ms Katrien Verbruggen

Study Abroad Manager

Mr Brook Newton

Study Abroad Data Officer

Miss Rachel Gover

Study Abroad Administrator

Mr Raymond Marlborough

Study Abroad Administrator (Partnerships)

Ms Alexandra Gibson

Study Abroad Coordinator (Incoming)

Ms Grace Arbon

Study Abroad Administrator (Incoming)

Ms Emma Pinder

Study Abroad Coordinator (Outgoing)

Miss Emma Waters

Study Abroad Administrator (Outgoing - Australia, New Zealand, Asia)

Ms Angela Murgatroyd

Study Abroad Administrator (Outgoing - EU, Latin America)

Ms Greta Healy

Study Abroad Administrator (Outgoing - US & Canada)

Mrs Claire Arnup

International Programmes Officer

Ms Roanne Ephithite

International Programmes Administration Assistant



Progressions Team

Ms Charlotte Richardson

International Progressions Officer

For enquiries from students wishing to progress from INTO UEA to UEA and recruitment of international students within the UK

Mr Graham Wise

International Coordinator