When we think of the path to success, we also think of the barriers that stand in the way. Without confidence, the reasons why you can’t are easier to see than how you can.

Preparing For… is designed to guide you and give you the confidence that you need.

Anything is possible when you’re prepared.

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Preparing For… provides you with professional development opportunities and the chance to learn more about key subject areas for the rest of Year 12 (or L3 Y1) – end of Year 13 (or L3 Y2). Each of our subject programmes are designed to prepare you for your next stage of study.  

You’ll receive individual help and support, as well as opportunities to develop practical and relevant skills and meet like-minded people.  

You will get the opportunity to...

Take part in fantastic opportunities, such as: 

  • Mentoring 
  • Ongoing support with applying 
  • Access to speaking to current UEA students and academics 
  • Events opportunities to explore campus and your subject of interest further

If you want all that, all you have to do is say when - no ifs or maybes.