This study skills programme will help equip you with the key skills you need to support your current studies, as well as those which will help you with your academic transition to higher education.  

On this programme you will attend a minimum of 5 sessions. We have 7 different topics available. 3 topics are compulsory, and you can choose the other 2 sessions from our options below. If you would like to attend all of the optional sessions, you are more than welcome to do so. 

Applications will open soon - check back for the link. Applications will close on Wednesday 25 November 2020. 

We've answered some frequestly asked questions below, but if you have any other questions please drop our friendly team a line and they'll help you out.


What topics will be covered?



Time Management
Time management is a useful skill not only for your current studies, but for university and future employment as well. This session will cover key strategies to help you stay on top of your workload. 

Independent Learning
What does it mean to learn independently? This session will introduce you to what is meant by independent learning at university and focus on how to develop independent study skills to support you now and in the future.  

Academic Writing at University
What is academic writing? How does it work in a degree? Whether you’re familiar with writing essays, or you haven’t written them for a while this session will cover the basics of academic writing at university level. 


On the application form you will need to select a minimum of 2 sessions from the  4 options below. Not sure what sessions would be best for you? Email us at and we’d be happy to advise you. 

Managing Stress
There may be times during your current studies or at university where you feel stressed, this could be related to your studies, your personal life, or both. Whatever the cause, this session will help you recognise the signs of stress and develop proactive strategies on how to manage it. 

Presentation Skills
At school or university you may be asked to do a presentation, either as a group or individually. This session will give you top tips on creating and delivering a presentation, as well as ackling your nerves.  

Exam skills 
Haven’t done an exam in ages? Feel bit out of practice? We have just the sessions for you to feel prepared and ready to tackle exams as part of your degree. 

Using Data 
Using data at university is not just reserved for the sciences. This session will explore how data may be used across different subjects to support an argument. This session is the ideal refresh of maths skills that you could come across in your degree.  

When will the sessions be?


There are 2 possible timeslots for each session, the Tuesday Sessions will run from 5-6pm and the Wednesday Sessions will run from 4-5pm. Please indicate on your application what timeslot you would like to attend. 

The dates are as follows:

  • Managing Time: Tuesday 12 OR Wednesday 13 January 2021
  • Academic Writing at University: Tuesday 26 OR Wednesday 27 January 2021 
  • Independent Learning: Tuesday 9 OR Wednesday 10 February 2021 
  • Presentation Skills: Tuesday 23 OR Wednesday 24 February 2021
  • Managing Stress: Tuesday 9 OR Wednesday 10 March 2021 
  • Exam Skills: Tuesday 30 OR Wednesday 31 March 2021 
  • Using Data: Tuesday 27 OR Wednesday 28 April 2021

What is the Easter bootcamp?


To further support with your current studies, there will also be an opportunity to attend a subject specific Bootcamp on campus over the Easter holidays on Tuesday 13 & Wednesday 14 April 2021. On the application form you will have the opportunity to ask what subject you would like support on. The most popular subjects across A level and BTEC will then be selected for the bootcamp. And generic revision support will also be available. If you are successful at securing a place on the programme, you will be notified with more information on the bootcamps nearer the time. 

Please note that face-to-face delivery will be covid- dependent. 

Am I Eligible to Take Part?


As an Outreach team our aim is to recognise and reduce the barriers that sometimes get in the way of young people making it to university. This is why we prioritise young people on our events who may be experiencing particular barriers, or come from backgrounds where few people typically progress to university.

 Essential criteria:

  • Students are currently in year 13 or Level 3 Year 2 
  • Students must have applied, or plan to apply for university for 2021 entry
  • Students attend one of our partner schools in Norfolk or North Suffolk.

 Additional consideration is given to your circumstances and experience, including:

  • Where you live
  • Whether you receive free school meals
  • Whether you a young carer
  • Whether  you  have spent time in local authority care
  • Whether you have a disability, mental health condition, or specific learning difficulty

How Can I Apply?


Applications open soon - check back here for the link to the online form.

Applications will close on Wednesday 25 November.