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This page is about tutoring for year 11 students. Want to know more about the other attainment raising projects that are part of Make it Count? No problem you can find all of the information on other pages our website

Why Maths and English Tutoring?

We all know that core subject qualifications at grade 4 and above open up doors to level 3 study options, and higher education after that. We also know that precious time has been lost this year. Our targeted approach to tutoring will help students on the 3/4 grade boundary in GCSE English and Maths have the best chance at getting the grades they need. 

You know your students best and we want your help in identifying those that will benefit the most from extra support. Read on to find out more about eligibility and how the sessions will work. Ready to nominate students? Click the link below to fill in a short form and we'll take it from there. 

Nominate students

We're teaming up with qualified teachers to deliver activities matched to the GCSE curriculum for Maths and English. Tutoring sessions will be developed to meet the needs of students on the 3/4 grade boundary.

Students will receive 6 online tutoring sessions in small groups and will be invited to an on-campus revision day in the Easter Holidays (COVID-19 regulations dependent, of course). All they'll need to take part is a device with internet access - we'll sort out the rest. 

We need you to nominate your students!

You know your students. Which ones would benefit the most from extra GCSE Maths and/or English support? We're looking to you to nominate year 11 students who are on the 3/4 grade boundary.

Once you've nominated students, we'll be in touch with them directly to give them more info and ask them to opt into the sessions. 

You can nominate your students by completing this form. 


16th November 2020

Teacher nominations open. Complete our form to nominate your students!

27th November 2020

Teacher Nominations close. 

December 2020

UEA Outreach contact nominated students to invite them to join the programme.

W/C 4th January 2021 

Students receive their timetables and introduction to the programme.

16th January 2021

First Online Tutoring session.

30th January 2021

Online Tutoring Session 2.

13th February 2021

Online Tutoring Session 3

27th February 2021

Online Tutoring Session 4

13th March 2021

Online Tutoring Session 5

30th March 2021

Maths Revision Day*

31st March 2021

English Revision Day*

17th April 2021

Online Tutoring Session 6

May 2021

Post programme evaluation with students and nominating teachers.

August 2021

GCSE Results Day - nominating teachers provide GCSE results. 


*In person revision days subject to COVID-19 guidelines




If you've still got questions after reading the information on this page please reach out to your Outreach Officer or email


Students currently eligible for free school meals and on the 3/4 grade borderline for English or Maths.
We are targeting students eligible for free school meals because there is substantial evidence of a persistence attainment gap between FSM and non-FSM pupils at GCSE. In addition, early research is suggesting these are the students who have been most negatively impacted by school closures due to COVID-19. 

We are focusing the support at 3/4 borderline because grade 4 or above in English and Maths is a standard entry requirement for university study in addition to level 3 qualifications. 

Schools can nominate 5 students for English tutoring and 5 students for Maths tutoring. 

You can nominate students for both subjects but we believe that doing both English and Maths tutoring on a Saturday morning would be quite intense for students and they will likely benefit, and be more committed to the programme, if they are focused on one subject. 

As classroom teachers you know your students best and can identify students who would benefit from this type of opportunity.
We also want your input so we can ensure the content matches student needs and to have your involvement in evaluation so we can develop and improve the programme for subsequent years. 

FAQS - Tutoring Sessions

Sessions will take place fortnightly on a Saturday morning starting on 16th January 2021. 
The sessions will be 1.5 hours in duration. 

The revision days will take place at UEA campus during the Easter Holidays on the 30 and 31 March 2021.
These in-person events are subject to change depending on COVID-19 guidelines. 

We will use Microsoft Teams, as it's functionality allows us to have strong safeguarding protocols in place to protect students and tutors. 

The curriculum content is being designed by our English and Maths curriculum leads who are experienced teachers and have been involved with tutoring programmes in the Norwich Opportunity Area.
The Saturday morning sessions will be delivered by qualified teachers. UEA Outreach are managing the logistics of the programme. 

We are doing a pre and post survey with participating students and their nominating teachers. We will look at the change in confidence with English and Maths study and revision skills, attitude to learning and attainment.
We will also ask teachers to provide GCSE results from participating students in summer 2021. 

The student contact details you provide will be used solely to contact them about opting-in to this programme. We will not contact them for any other reason. Once students have opted-in we will communicate programme details with them directly.
Sharing of student data is covered by the Data Sharing Protocol your school has signed with UEA Outreach for monitoring and reporting on our activities in school.