Working class male students are particularly underrepresented at universities across the country and are outperformed by their female peers. Our male aspirations programme – He Can We Can – aims to engage male students throughout their educational journey, raising aspirations, confidence, and attainment, and ultimately enabling them to progress onto higher education. 

We are strongly committed to ensuring that all students can succeed and achieve their goals. He Can We Can is a multi-touchpoint, progressive programme of events. The programme begins in year 7, introducing boys to higher education and the vast range of career opportunities available to them. The students who attended the launch event are then invited to continue the He Can We Can programme, enabling us to work with the same students over several years. After the introductory event, the programme grows to be more specific, focusing on the knowledge and key skills needed to progress onto higher education.  

To discuss the He Can We Can programme in more detail, have a chat with your Outreach Officer or contact our support team - or +44 (0)1603 591521.

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