At the start of the school year, or when you book onto one of our events, it’s likely you’ll be asked to provide a range of data about your pupils to ensure that UEA Outreach can demonstrate the impact of their work.

UEA’s outreach work is funded by the additional student fee income of over £6,000. We are held accountable by how we spend this money by the Office for Students - part of the Department of Education - and we have an increasing need to demonstrate our impact. Our purpose is to widen access to Higher Education for those from under-represented backgrounds. To ensure that our programmes of activity achieve this, we track the activity that young people take part in via HEAT (Higher Education Access Tracker) and we evaluate the success and impact of events using online surveys. We then, use this data to report back to the Office for Students.

UEA takes our responsibilities under GDPR very seriously and want to work with schools to ensure we all act and handle data in a way that is legally compliant and enables safe sharing of data.

We have information to help with this:

  • Data Sharing Protocol - It is good practice to have one of these documents in place signed by both UEA and the School. The Data Sharing Protocol document provides a framework within which organisations can share data.
  • Data Protection (including UEA Privacy Notice) - This page explains what personal information is collected and how it will be used in outreach activity with schools and colleges.

If a pupil does not want their data to be shared, they can email with their name, year group, date of birth and school and we will remove their record. They can do this at any point. This does not mean we will exclude them from any activity that UEA Outreach is running with their school.

If you or any of the young people you work with, or their parents, have any questions about their personal information we collect and why, please contact