As part of UEA’s commitment to supporting mature students into Higher Education, we work with local Access to HE providers to provide their students with a reduced offer.

These colleges include:

  • East Coast College (Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft)
  • City College Norwich
  • College of West Anglia (Kings Lynn campus)


Contextual admissions for Access to HE students include:

A reduced entry offer of a pass in 45 Level 3 credits, including 30 at merit and pass in 15.

Please note this offer does not include the following courses:

  • Medicine or Medicine Pathway courses
  • Physiotherapy
  • Midwifery
  • Journalism courses accredited by the BJTC
  • Language courses may require an A Level in the relevant subject.
  • Biochemistry (BSc and MSci)
  • BSc Biochemistry with a placement year / year abroad
  • Chemistry (BSc and MSci)
  • BSc Chemistry with a placement year / year abroad
  • BSc Medical Research 
  • Medicinal chemistry (BSc and MChem) 
  • MChem Medicinal chemistry with a year in industry
  • Pharmacology and Drug Discovery (BSc and MSci)
  • Pharmacy (MPharm)
  • Social Work (MA)
  • Foundation years (these have a lower standard offer than the scheme, so are excluded by default) 

Please note that where there is a subject specific requirement, we may require 12 credits at either Merit or Distinction depending upon the course applied for.

In addition:

  • All specific subject pathways remain, including GCSE requirements stated on course listings
  • All specific content criteria remain
  • Offers may be subject to an acceptable sample of work for relevant courses
  • Offers may be subject to non-academic requirements for courses.

Where an offer is made and no prior interview or audition is required:

This will take the form of a guaranteed reduced grade offer for the course.

Where an offer is made for an interviewing course:

We will guarantee an interview (subject to the caveats listed above) and a reduced grade offer if the interview is successful and the student qualifies for an offer. This offer excludes Physiotherapy, Midwifery, Journalism courses accredited by the BJTC, and Medicine courses (including Medicine with a Gateway Year) where we are not able to guarantee an interview or give a reduced grade offer.

For those who use English as an additional language, please refer to course listings for information on IELTS to ensure you meet these requirements.

Applicant support

If you’re considering applying to UEA and would like some specific guidance to help you through your journey, please sign up for our Applicant Support Programme for mature students.

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