Choosing Your Future: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Choosing Your Future: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Where do you start when it comes to choosing your future? What job will you have? Should you go to uni? How on earth are you meant to figure these things out?!

Here are three questions to come back to whenever you're thinking about your future options:

1. What will success look like?

We all want different things from life, and so we all have different ideas of what success will look like. What do you consider ‘success’ to be? Earning lots of money? Having influence and authority? Gaining independence and freedom? Being part of a well-functioning team? Settling down with a family around you? Being able to travel and explore the world?

You may not be able to have it all, but deciding what you want the most may help you make some decisions about your future options.

2. How do I want to make a difference?

You might think this sounds far-fetched or a bit cliché, but you can change the world – because you can make a difference to others. Imagine it’s the end of the day and you’ve just got home from work. What would give you the greatest sense of satisfaction?

  • Helping people in need
  • Building or making something useful
  • Discovering new information and sharing it
  • Creating something beautiful
  • Overcoming problems and challenges

3. What do other people tell me I’m good at?

Sometimes other people are quicker than we are to spot what we’re good at! Ask people who know you well and who you trust – family, friends, teachers - to help you figure out what you’re good at. And listen to them - they just might surprise you.