Don't be exam stressed Don't be exam stressed

Get it stuck in your head! It may seem pretty easy to remember all the names of the players in the England squad, or all the lyrics to Eminem's new song or which way to walk to your best friend's house, but it's absolutely impossible to learn things you need to remember for exams! Sound familiar?

Here are some ideas of how to get the stuff you need to know stuck into your head!

Hands on

It's much easier to remember something we have been a part of, than something in a book. So if you need to remember how something works try doing it for yourself.

Ears wide open

How many times have you got a song stuck in your head when you didn't even really even like the song? There is something about music that gets into your mind. Try making rhymes or putting revision notes into songs you like.

Picture perfect

It may sound childish but it's true, everyone loves pictures. Whether you are 5, 15 or 50 when you pick up a magazine you'll probably first flick through and see all the pictures. Try putting things to learn in the form of a picture. Or if drawing isn't your thing, imagine large interesting images of things you need to remember.

Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Whatever you do, do it lots! It'll get stuck in your head in no time. More than anything it must be memorable!

Think about anything that you know. It will probably either be something you do a lot or it was probably something you learnt in strange way, when something new or unusual was happening. The mind notices weird and different things.

So make it something different – it may also be fun!