See what schools are saying about Pre-University Skills See what schools are saying about Pre-University Skills

The design of the course is based on the University of East Anglia's first year undergraduate skills modules, and draws upon the expertise of staff who are actively involved in helping undergraduates make the transition from school to university.

A group of University staff and school teachers first met in January 2009 and devised and wrote the course, which was then piloted at two Norfolk High Schools: City of Norwich School and Wymondham High School.

Since then the course has been delivered successfully in venues all around the country, including several bespoke training days for individual schools and school clusters.

"The provision of challenging and relevant materials to run along side A-level and 1B courses." – Sarah Williams, Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School

"This is the best course I have been on in years. I manage UCAS in our school and am the head of KS4; many of the issues that were raised are relevant to pupils throughout the school, and I would hope to introduce this with YR12 at the end of the summer term." – Julie Thelwell, Cowbridge Comprehensive School

"Absolutely essential information and training for pre-university students" – Rowland Lloyd, Bassaleg School

"A great course to help prepare our students to become successful at university; invaluable information for future students." – Viv Clement, Caerleon Comprehensive School

Howell's School, Llandaff

"This course will be invaluable for me in both my A-level English and Drama classes, in teaching critical thinking and the extended project." – Kate Jones

"As a YR12 tutor, this is very relevant to the tutor group; in teaching AS / A2 English; and highlighting the literacy element of a Higher Education course to students at KS3 & KS4." – Tom Walters

"An excellent, relevant, and well paced course – very inspiring – I would love to see this course developed for years 7 through to 11 also. Thank you for a really well delivered course." – Jane Wilks

"We have been re-evaluating our literacy programme in the 6th Form (and the whole school), and updating our ‘Study Skills' to meet a Higher Education level – this course really fits the bill, thank you." – Sally Humphries, Callington Community College

"This course will help us encourage students to achieve higher level abilities and understand the value of acquiring the skills for future success by taking responsibility for their own learning and development." – Robert Moor, West Buckland School

"We will be delivering this to all students as key preparation for A-level and EPQ." – Deirdre Kennedy, Northampton School for Boys

"This course motivated me into thinking about skills rather than results." – Rosemary Edees, Coundon Court School

Wymondham High School

"Traditionally schools have provided opportunities for students to excel in specific subject areas and sometimes overlooked the skills required to transfer those qualifications into the world of work or Higher Education; no more."

"In order to prepare our students fully for university life, they need a variety of skills, not only to improve their ability to communicate orally but also in terms of the written word; the ability to write fluent continuous prose has escaped many. For Scientists, Mathematicians and Engineers particularly, this has always been seen as being beyond their brief."

"My colleagues, therefore, have gone beyond the constraints of their job descriptions to put together a package for young people in the Sixth Form in order to help them write up Scientific and Mathematical pieces in a formal, technical and cogent fashion." - Victoria Musgrave, Head Teacher

"Since completing the Pre-University Course I have seen a distinct improvement in my students' writing. The confidence they have gained from the course is reflected in the maturity of their writing, their attention to detail and the regard shown to the importance of essay structure. A number of students are involved in the Extended Project AS qualification. The course has equipped them with the skills needed to question, research and present an independent investigation. These skills will carry them forward into university life and beyond." - Rachael Jarrold, Teacher

"Our students found it stimulating and for those doing science-based extended project qualifications it was especially relevant" - Adrian Bavage, Deputy Head of Sixth Form

City of Norwich School

"Through the course I have both reaffirmed and gained skills necessary for university study and I now feel more confident about working at degree level." - Sixth Form Pupil

"The course has given me a great insight into the expectations of a university student. Learning key skills in a relaxed but engaging way that differs from an ordinary classroom lesson left me feeling far more comfortable about studying at a higher level." - Sixth Form Pupil