Meet the experienced people behind Skills for Uni Meet the experienced people behind Skills for Uni

You will be taught by our experienced team, who are particularly skilled in helping first year students develop the skills essential for university learning.


Dr. Harriet Jones | Programme Director, PreUniversity Skills

Harriet is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Biological Sciences at UEA. She has been researching the transition from school to university for 15 years, working with teachers and pupils from many sixth forms across the country, to understand how teaching styles and demands vary between school and university. She runs first-year undergraduate skills modules to enable students to develop their skills to university standard. Over the last six years she has also been running the PreUniversity Skills Programme.

Dr. Joe Kennedy | Principle Lecturer, PreUniversity Skills

Dr Joe Kennedy is a lecturer in English and Cultural Theory for the University of Gothenburg, based at the University of Sussex. He has been working on the Skills for Uni course as a designer and deliverer since its inception and has both taught and written study skills courses at various levels and has written for academic journals, magazines and newspapers.

Danni Gilroy | PhD Student

Danni is a PhD student of Molecular Biology at UEA, having previously completed undergraduate study with a Biology Masters degree from Sheffield University. Her research is based on conservation genetics, studying a fantastic little island bird called the Seychelles warbler and how genetically it can fight disease. Her hobbies include birding and active conservation work at local reserves in Norfolk.

Selina Watts | Law School Teacher

Selina practiced as barrister for 8 years in the field of professional negligence and family law. While she no longer practices, Selina continues to train experts and those interested in courtroom and report writing skills at a freelance capacity. She teaches in UEA’s Law School, sharing skills for students undertaking their first degree in higher education, including training in academic writing, referencing, research, presentation skills etc.

Zoe Jones & Jeremy Schildt | Learning Enhancement Team

Zoë and Jeremy are part of the Learning Enhancement Team at UEA, who offer a range of ways for students to study more effectively. They provide tutorials, workshops and study resources to improve students’ work, including guidance on many aspects of academic writing and the skills that students need to develop to be successful in their studies at university. Find out more about the work that they do here.