Skills for Uni Summer School helps develop essential skills for university study Skills for Uni Summer School helps develop essential skills for university study

You can find out more about the Skills for Uni course by watching our short video:

DAY 1 You will:

  • Develop ways of working out what a lecturer is asking for when they set you an assignment.

  • Learn how to approach the huge reading lists you will be faced with.

  • Find out the best way to take notes on all the reading you will have to do.

DAY 2 You will:

  • Explore how best to construct a persuasive argument, both in written and verbal form.

  • Learn how to approach different resources so that you can extract information effectively to help support your argument.

  • Critically evaluate your own work, thinking about how to help yourself improve through feedback, crucial to developing an independent learning strategy.

DAY 3 You will:

  • Put into practice the skills you have learnt in the previous two days.

  • Learn how to plan your own research, developing your independent learning style.

  • Analyse the way you have constructed your argument and identify areas of improvement.

  • Look at how you could employ the skills learnt either as you start at university, or begin year 13.

There will be evening study sessions where you will explore your own learning preferences and think about how others perceive you.  These sessions will be followed by social activities.

Preparing for University - Free online course

The Skills for Uni residential course continues on from the learning started in UEA's ‘Preparing for University' Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). If you're thinking of attending Skills for Uni, this free online course could be a good starting point - Sign up today.